News: You're Going to Want Samsung's Latest Security Update

You're Going to Want Samsung's Latest Security Update

Who likes security? I like security. I lock my doors at night, and so should you! That's why it's exciting to me that Samsung has just announced its May security update. It's like getting a brand new, top-of-the-line lock for free, but for your phone.

Where do I signup?

Here's the list of the patches coming to this new security update. While Samsung doesn't specifically name which phones will be affected, it's safe to assume this patch will cover most if not all of Samsung's main line of smartphones.

In all, 54 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures in Android are noted to be covered by the update, as well as 11 fixes targeted at Galaxy smartphones themselves. That's a hefty amount of change.

While we know most of you at home will start digging through the announcement to see exactly what fixes are coming, for now, you're out of luck. Samsung listed most of the changes as "privately disclosed," a move SamMobile believes was done to thwart would-be hackers from hijacking Samsung phones before the update was released.

Nevertheless, and with more than a little patience, we will soon know the details of all 65 patches. When the update is released, it's always good to download right away. These updates are designed to improve the security of your smartphone and the data inside, so not updating leaves you vulnerable. While some mishaps can occur, it's always wise to keep your phone as updated as possible.

So get those phones locked, people!

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