Your Face, Beyoncé's Body: New Microsoft App Swaps Your Face into Any Picture

New Microsoft App Swaps Your Face into Any Picture

You may not have woken up like this, but you're still #flawless thanks to Microsoft's new Face Swap app for Android.

The free app — currently available on Google Play — lets you take a picture of your face and transfer it onto any face in any picture. Unlike the popular face swap feature on Snapchat, this app doesn't replace your face with the face next to yours, or a face from a selected photo. Instead, Face Swap uses facial recognition technology to put your face onto a face in any picture you choose. That means you can use the app to try out a new hairstyle, trick your friends into thinking you went somewhere you didn't, or to see how you'd look with Beyoncé's toned legs and glorious hair. Okay, maybe that last one is just a personal dream.

Alright, now here's how to use the app.

Step 1: Choose a Selfie

You start by taking a picture of yourself using your phone's front camera. The app recommends that you take a close up picture with your hair pulled back so your face can easily be swapped into other pictures. You can also select a photo from your image library or search the web for a face you want to swap.

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Once you're satisfied with the picture, you can start having fun with it.

Step 2: Choose a Setting

The app lets you select a scene to place yourself in by choosing from your photo gallery, selecting from the app's stock images, or performing a Bing image search.

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You can swipe through various scenes before choosing one.

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Face Swap automatically adjusts your skin tone and the photo's lighting, but you can edit the photo further on the app to make it look more realistic.

Step 3: Share or Save the Picture

The app lets you share your new picture to various social media platforms or save it to your image gallery.

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The app is currently only available for Android users, although it's rumored that it will be expanded to iOS if it's successful. For now, Apple users will have to stick with apps like FACEinHOLE®.

Early reviews of the app on the Play Store have been positive, with users enjoying that Face Swap is ad-free. While Microsoft has emphasized that the app can help you try out new hairstyles or outfits, there's no doubt that the app will be used to spawn hilarious and disturbing images, much like Snapchat's face swap feature has. I'm eagerly awaiting the memes that will result.

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