News: Waze & Spotify Team Up for Easy Access to Music While You Drive

Waze & Spotify Team Up for Easy Access to Music While You Drive

Good news for those of us who are both directionally impaired and like to hold our own concerts while driving: Waze and Spotify are teaming up to make your drive easy to navigate with a sweet soundtrack.

The new Waze and Spotify update gives you the option of getting directions and choosing a playlist without having to switch between apps. While using the Spotify app, users can start a journey on Waze. Likewise, while in the Waze app, users can pause and change Spotify tracks.

Images via Waze

It seems like a perfect merge of two driving essentials: directions and music. The update just launched, and should be available to Android users in either app. The integration of the two appears pretty seamless based on the images provided by Waze and Spotify, as seen in the GIF below.

Image via Waze

Of course, for safety reasons, while in Waze, you will only be able to browse a Spotify playlist while the car is at a standstill. There's no need for a repeat of the Pokémon GO catastrophe just because you want to find that one Frank Ocean song while driving down the freeway.

The bad news? This update is currently only Android. The rest of us iOS users will have to impatiently wait our turn.

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Cover image via Spotify

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