News: That Was Fast—Nexus 6 Sells Out in 60 Seconds

That Was Fast—Nexus 6 Sells Out in 60 Seconds

If you were eagerly refreshing the Nexus 6 order page this morning for a chance to snag the latest from Google and Motorola, we hope you were quick to purchase. About a minute after the 32GB models went on pre-order, both the Midnight Blue and Cloud White models were sold out.

I'm sure we all hoped that Google would have had plenty of inventory on-hand after last year's Nexus 5 sell-out, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

The 64GB models have yet to hit pre-orders as of the time of this writing, so there's still hope for some of us.

Update: The 64GB models are sold out as well.

And if you were able to get one, a nice little bonus was presented on the order page—6 months of Google Play Music All Access comes free with your Nexus 6 purchase. Thanks Google, now just let me buy one!

Keep F5-ing the order page and let us know if you were able to pick one up in the comments below.

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