Video: How the Google Pixel's Image Stabilization Stacks Up to the Nexus 6P

How the Google Pixel's Image Stabilization Stacks Up to the Nexus 6P

Walking while taking a video is always a pain. But it doesn't have to be, especially with Google's new Pixel smartphone and its new and improved Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) feature. A new video, released on Reddit, pitted the Pixel's EIS against the Nexus 6P with some incredible results.

Google spent a lot of time hyping up the Pixel's camera quality at its keynote event on October 4th. They touted a DxOMark score of 89 (the highest of any smartphone ever tested), and explained how their would make your videos buttery-smooth.

In a quick demo at the event, they had side-by-side footage where one camera recorded without stabilization, while the Pixel recorded the same scene with its EIS system enabled. It was quite impressive, so we captured the GIF below, but this is basically just ad material, so we stayed on the lookout for some real-world EIS comparisons.

Then yesterday, a Redditor was able to get his hands on the Pixel XL and do some of the real-world testing we've been waiting for. He walked down a flight of stairs holding a Nexus 6P along with his Pixel XL, recording the whole scene. Believe it or not, the quick video he shot was just as impressive as Google's EIS marketing material, if not more—just see for yourself:

The original recordings were removed from YouTube, so forgive the frame rate and resolution from our ripped version of the video. Instead, just look at that image stabilization—quite impressive, right?

The phone on the left is Google's own Nexus 6P, which uses an earlier version of the same EIS technology. But, as you can see when compared to the Pixel, Google's EIS system has definitely come a long way.

The same Redditor who took these videos also performed a variety of camera tests, benchmarks, and battery reviews on the Pixel XL, so if you'd like to read more about Google's upcoming flagship, make sure to hit up the link below.

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Cover image and screen recordings by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

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