User Testimonials: Why People Are Switching from iPhone to Pixel

Why People Are Switching from iPhone to Pixel

Reading through various internet forums, it certainly sounds like the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are attracting more iPhone users than any of Google's previous Nexus devices. The sales figures seem to back that up, too, as the Pixel is outpacing last year's Nexus 6P, and pre-order demand has exceeded Google's expectations, causing delays in shipments. (We reached out to Google but they wouldn't give us any specifics on sales numbers or numbers of switchers.)

But why are so many former iPhone users jumping ship to the Pixel? To answer that, we asked around the internet, noted responses, and got real-world answers from many different Reddit users who have made the switch. The replies range from frustrations with Apple, to excitement about Google's first true flagship—but you can read for yourself below.

Frustrations with Apple's Direction

After this year's underwhelming iPhone 7 and MacBook launches, there's been a growing sentiment that Apple is lacking direction lately. The iPhone's physical design hasn't changed much in three years, and the company's vision for a "wireless" future apparently included a fistful of dongles, so several users seem to have become bored with the Apple ecosystem.

The iPhone 7 this year just didn't seem 'different enough' for me to want to upgrade to it.

Hating iOS 10 due to [the] boredom and bad design decisions they took recently. iOS 9 was good. I could just AirPlay with just a swipe of any Twitch video, delete a Game Center game detail in GC app, so many more that are ruined now. They made a big comedy show on stage with their fake 'all new design' stunt and [the] device looked exactly same to me. Figured I should not support the company anymore and escape when there is some pending resale value in the old phone (sold on eBay for around $404). R.I.P Jobs.

iOS just seems so redundant these days. It's almost like Apple put the iPhone 7 out just to stay up with the competition. Is it really that much different than the 6s? Not in my opinion.

I personally got tired of Apple putting out an inferior product and announcing it as the best thing ever.

I feel like Apple is headed in a strange direction right now. Honestly, the iOS 10 update is what helped me make my final decision. A lot of the things they added to iMessage just felt so gimmicky and useless; especially the message effects.

My primary reasons for switching back to Android was the lack of a 3.5mm jack on iOS.

Project Fi Compatibility

One major factor working in the Pixel's favor is that it's one of only a handful of phones that are officially supported by Google's next-gen wireless service, Project Fi. For many folks, Project Fi not only costs significantly less than the average cell plan, but it offers better reception, too—and the Pixel is certainly the best phone with full Project Fi compatibility.

I switched to Project Fi. With Wi-Fi Assistant, I never have to worry about using data.

I like the fact that [Project Fi] is low cost and you can control how much you pay by using what you use.

Design & Build

Google built the Pixel from the ground up, and that includes both software and hardware. For the folks that are used to Apple's vertical integration, this definitely has its appeal. But seamless integration is only part of the story here, as the Pixel has a great build quality with several standout features.

The idea of [a] clean and fully built phone with unified hardware and software services from a company is what I'm looking for. And it did not disappoint... 'More than meets the eye'.

It's the first Android phone that, in my opinion, is comparable to the iPhone in terms of what I was looking for in a device (fastest possible security/OS updates, good build quality, good display, good battery life, and ability to use overseas when I travel without a hassle).

What drove me nuts about Android over the past few years was you needed a larger phone in order to get flagship specs - not so with the Pixel.

For me (also soon to be former iPhone 6 user), it was the design. The dual tone is pretty. Felt good in my hands, too.

I really liked the idea that it's Google's first true phone. Everything I use for work is done with Chrome, Hangouts, Drive, etc. All of that is integrated within the Pixel. I love the AMOLED screen. So much better looking than the Retina display.

Camera Quality

One thing you'll notice in almost every review of the Pixel is near-universal acclaim for the camera. It's one of the only Android phones to have ever outranked the latest-generation iPhone on DxOMark, and for many former iOS users, this had been the only thing holding them back from making the switch.

As someone who has always come back to the iPhone camera experience, I can safely say I completely trust the Google Pixel. I'm pretty blown away that Google has managed to match, and often exceed, the iPhone 7 camera experience in just 1 year.

Camera is amazing.

Android's Extra Features & Google Assistant

When it comes to the overall user experience on a smartphone, software makes a huge difference. For one thing, the Pixel has exclusive access to the new Google Assistant, but that's not the whole story. Android itself has quite a few tempting features like home screen customization and file system access, and recent UI updates have put it on par with iOS in terms of polish.

To be honest with you, Pixel's VR, camera, Google Assistant, [and] fast charging (the best) made me not even think about quitting iMessage!!

There were some small things that I had always wanted on a phone, like the ability to install emulators and play old Nintendo and Dreamcast games... and I really wanted to try Android Auto, which I'm loving so far.

Came from the 5s and battery is like 200% better. The OS is so much more customizable.

Customization and flexibility. How fast it feels. Google Assistant. Google Now. Battery life really is amazing.

My biggest gripe with iOS was the terrible notifications... iOS notifications are frustrating and inconsistent. The Pixel answers all of this and more.

Having a file system that you have access to is such a huge one for me I'll never go back to iPhone.

Overall, there are plenty of good reasons to switch to the Pixel, but each person has their own priorities. What features or functionality intrigues you most about the new Google Pixel? Let us know in the comment section below.

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