News: Translucent HTC U11 Plus Bares All in Leaked Video

Translucent HTC U11 Plus Bares All in Leaked Video

Just as we published our rumor roundup for the HTC U11 Plus, the internet happened: A Facebook video revealed the flagship HTC U11 Plus and the midrange HTC U Life in all their glory. The video was in German and has since been taken down, but according to a translation, it revealed exactly what we should be expecting see at HTC event November 2.

We're still not sure if the official styling of HTC's upcoming bezel-less flagship will be "U11+" or "U11 Plus," but we're betting on the latter for now. After two underwhelming releases earlier this year in the U Ultra and the regular U11, we're excited to see if these new models can pull the Taiwanese manufacturer out of its current tailspin. But we don't really have to take the wait-and-see approach anymore — just check out the leaked images and GIFs below to judge for yourself.

Leaked Video

The video posted by Blick Digital has since been removed, but we've embedded a lower-quality mirror of the leaked review from YouTube below. Luckily, we were able to capture some higher-quality screenshots and GIFs before the original was taken down, and we'll feature those throughout the rest of this article.

Translucent Color

This video gave us our first look at the new translucent color option for the U11 Plus, and boy is it beautiful. Apparently, HTC was showing this new color in the first teaser image they posted on Twitter to announce the November 2nd event. The phone appears to show a transmitter coil beneath the glass, which indicates that this device will have wireless charging.

Image by Blick Digital/Facebook

Improved Edge Sense

HTC has also improved Edge Sense, their squeezable frame feature. In the video, we see Edge Sense being used to bring up the camera, in addition to a new menu which displays the calendar as well as rotary-style launcher for quick access to apps. The initial view shows eleven apps, with the ability to scroll for more. We don't know how customizable this is, but it looks like you can add your own apps to it.

Image by Blick Digital/Facebook

4,000 mAh Battery Confirmed

Although we aren't fluent in German, the reviewer does clearly say that this device has a 4,000 mAh battery, confirming previous rumors. If this turns out to be true, it should certainly signify that the HTC U11 Plus will have fantastic battery life.

Android Oreo with Sense UI

The U11 Plus appears to be running Sense UI on top of Android Oreo. Gestures, such as swiping up to open the app drawer and swiping down to bring up the notification tray, are both showcased in the video.

Image by Blick Digital/Facebook

Rear-Mounted Fingerprint Scanner

Clearly visible is the shift of the fingerprint scanner from the front to the rear of the phone. It is shown below the camera in an easily-reachable area of the phone. Long-time HTC users might not like this move, but it was done to accommodate the nearly bezel-less display, so it's a sacrifice that had to be made to keep up with current design trends.


According to Redditors, the reviewer states that the U11 Plus will cost around €730, which translates to $850. Of course, smartphones typically aren't priced exactly the same in different countries due to varying import tariffs, so for US customers, this device may be cheaper than our napkin math indicates.

With all the rumors released about this device, what you think about the HTC U11 Plus? Will this be your next smartphone? Let us know in the comment section below, and continue to follow Gadget Hacks for the latest news and rumors about this device and others.

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Cover image via Blick Digital/Facebook, screenshots and GIFs by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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