News: There's a Handy Shortcut for Typing Fractions on Android

There's a Handy Shortcut for Typing Fractions on Android

If you're using Samsung's default keyboard on a Galaxy or Gboard on any Android phone, here's a cool trick you should know about.

When it comes to typing fractions, you'd usually have to type at least three characters: the top number (numerator), the slash, and then the bottom number (denominator). What if I told you could boil this down to one keypress?

The trick is to use a dedicated number row to access the shortcuts for fractions. If your keyboard has one embedded in the default view, great. If not, just press the "123" button to switch to the numbers and symbols layout.

So long-press a digit in the number row in either layout, then a popup will display the frequently-used fractions that correspond with that number as a numerator.

So, if the top number of the fraction you want to type is 1, hold down that key, then drag your finger up to the fraction you are looking for and let go. The keyboard will also automatically format the fraction for better clarity. So, instead of "1 1/2 cup" you can input "1½ cup."

This also works for formatting numbers in superscript. Just hold down the number and let go to select the superscript version of the number, which is the first option by default. This is essential for those dealing with exponents and equations and such.

This trick saves strokes off your typing game! So, the next time you're typing out a recipe or otherwise dealing with imperial units of measure, keep this method in mind.

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Cover image and screenshots by Tommy Palladino/Gadget Hacks


Every day is a school day! Many thanks for that tip.

Yet there is no way to write your own fractions. 15/16 nope, stupid. If only Gboard had the intuition to include a mini forward slash then it might be possible.

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