News: Stop Trump from Building THAT Wall Using This App

Stop Trump from Building THAT Wall Using This App

Now, you can prevent Donald Trump from building that idiotic wall from the comfort of your smartphone. Well, in theory, you can, thanks to a hilarious new gaming app called — wait for it — Trump's Great Wall.

The digitized version of the toupee-enthusiast is a lot easier to control than pussy-grabbing Donald, but let's not detract from the fun of this game with locker room talk.

Created by Powerphrase Applications, the app allows users to "prevent President trump from erecting his great wall!" (I love how 'President' was capitalized in the description and 'trump' was not) and is marketed as political satire.

That said, a disclaimer on the app's Play Store page makes it pretty clear that the game has no political allegiances and "DOESN'T SUPPORT TRUMP NOR IS AGAINST HIM IN ANYWAY" (in all caps to really hammer home the point). The aim of the game is for players to "strategically align and destroy to bring down as many walls as they can" throughout the puzzle-style game:

You are given a rocket to use to destroy his pieces of blocks coming down. Trump won't easily give up on his dream of building a huge wall. As the president of the USA, Trump wants to prevent all Canadians and Mexicans crossing the border wall. How long can you survive his wall of destruction?

But that's not the only comical social commentary in the mobile gaming world recently. Remove Airline Passenger is a game available on Android 2.3 and up, and is a play on the United Airlines debacle in which a passenger was forcibly dragged from the plane. The object of the game is to remove the paying passengers from the plane.

Let's hope there's a lot more where that came from!

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Why is this article on here? Of I wanted thid sh•t I would go to huffpo or daily beast! The vast majority of harsh drugs are flowing over the open border. An influx of uneducated and unskilled workers that receive goverment benefits from citizens tax dollars. A resurgence of diseases and pestilence once eradicated in the US. This article is as ignorant as the leftist blogger who wrote it. No one wants to read this political crap. Once more and I am done with this website.

I agree.

It's weird how in the 90's securing our borders was considered a good thing from both the left and right. Now it means you're racist. And walls work. Everywhere in the world where there is or has been a border wall has dramatically stopped illegal immigration.

Wanna know what's more ridiculous than Trumps wall? The one foot tall border barrier between Mexico and the US - you can literally walk right over it. No criminal background checks, nothing.

Crime statistics of border states shows the importance of properly vetting immigrants. And if you're from a border state like I am- California, then you know how incredible the crime rate has risen due to illegal immigration. I'm from San Bernardino. Back in the 90's it wasn't that bad , we would just avoid the bad areas. But today the crime rate tops Chicago and the crime ridden areas are now too large to avoid. I moved to Utah because California is no longer a safe place to raise children.

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