News: Siri Sucks at Rapping, MC Bixby Rubs It In

Siri Sucks at Rapping, MC Bixby Rubs It In

It looks like Samsung's Bixby finally got one up on Apple's Siri — when it comes to which virtual assistant can spit better rhymes, that is. Mhm, that's right. It's a rap battle between one AI and another, and Siri just can't spit.

But Bixby, well ... Bixby's got some super dope potential.

All thanks to Joon from South Korea for posting Bixby's electrified seven raps and beatboxes to the online wonderworld. Now, all of us eagerly awaiting Bixby's voice update for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ to reach the US so we can have something to really get excited for.

Just say hey Bixby, "please rap" or "please beatbox" and the little Wiz will turn it out. Fingers crossed we can all test out Bixby's English rap skills real soon.

The letters in Korean, at the beginning of the second rap, diss Apple's own assistant with the bold statement "I am better than Siri." Then, Bixby goes on in the third rap to throw out the fact that no other virtual assistant — at the moment, my rapping genius — could touch her.

Now, let's hand the mic over to Siri.

Oh, is that all you got? Hmm. Alright, then. Bixby?

Siri's been known to throw shade at competitors with her quirky personality — but I'm sorry — she just ain't going to win this one.

Bixby out, y'all!

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