News: Samsung's Galaxy Note 6 May Let You Scan Your Eye to Unlock

Samsung's Galaxy Note 6 May Let You Scan Your Eye to Unlock

Samsung's next Galaxy Note smartphone is expected to contain some nifty new additions that the company hopes will give it the long desired edge it has been seeking over Apple. One of those features that might make the difference? An iris scanner, which could make it the first major smartphone on the market to have that technology included.

The idea of using eye detection software isn't new to Samsung—they've invested in EyeVerify, a company that works with OEMs to bring eyeprint verification to Android devices. However, according to a report from the Dutch website Galaxy Club, it appears that iris scanners may be a permanent part of the new Note 6.

Long-time Galaxy users may also recall a TouchWiz feature called Smart Stay that used the front-facing camera to detect whether you were looking at the screen. This was done to "smartly" turn the screen off when it wasn't being used. An iris scanner would go a long way to make this tech much more efficient.

The report went on to share a form that noted the arrival of parts to Samsung's research and development team in India. It is worth noting that the form doesn't designate whether these "iris cams" are for the Note 6 or any other upcoming Samsung product, just "Samsung Mobile."

Import form for Samsung Mobile showing the 'Iris Cam.'. Image via Zauba Technologies & Data Services

What makes this information intriguing is that while there is a lot more attention being paid to other feature such as water resistance and the inclusion of a USB Type-C port with reversible connector, as reported by SamMobile, an iris scanner isn't totally out of the question, especially if it could be used immediately on a flagship device like the Note. It's also is technology that wouldn't break the bank in the long run with estimates at about $5 per unit. And it could give users an added level of comfort in case they lose their device or it gets stolen.

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