News: Samsung Galaxy S7 Likely to Have iPhone-Like Pressure-Sensitive Screen

Samsung Galaxy S7 Likely to Have iPhone-Like Pressure-Sensitive Screen

It sounds like Samsung is impressed enough with Apple's 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6S models that the company is planning on implementing a similar feature on its upcoming Galaxy S7 handsets.

Image via Tech Radar

A source told The Wall Street Journal that the latest iteration of Samsung's flagship will feature a similar design to this year's Galaxy S6, and will again feature both standard and curved AMOLED models. It's also rumored that the standard design will once again support microSD cards, which should please users who missed that functionality in the S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will probably resemble this year's S6 and S6 Edge (pictured). Image via Katie Collins

We may not need to wait much longer to find out for sure. Samsung traditionally unveils the latest Galaxy models at or around the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 22-25 in 2016), but sources say the debut could come as early as January.

Rumors have also swirled that the Galaxy S7's dual front-facing cameras could support a retinal scanner, which would do away with the fingerprint scanners on many current handsets. Basically, the phone would identify the user when the screen is turned on, and instantly unlock. It sounds like the retinal scanner is a long shot for the S7, but the technology will probably be incorporated sooner rather than later.

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