News: Samsung Announces New Flagship Phone, Impressive First Quarter Results

Samsung Announces New Flagship Phone, Impressive First Quarter Results

It's no secret that Samsung had a lot of bad press this year. Despite this, we've reported how, even with the massive negativity in the media, Samsung has been expected to have an excellent Q1. Not only have those expectations been confirmed today, but Samsung has announced they are also working on a new flagship smartphone. One that some say could be the Note 8.

On Thursday, Samsung released its first quarter results. The numbers are impressive, but not surprising to anyone following our previous coverage. Our last report found the earnings to be within a fraction of the results, with Samsung reporting $9.9 trillion won in profits, and revenue of $50.5 trillion won.

The numbers go to show, even if their phones explode, Samsung products maintain incredible popularity around the world.

But what might be bigger news is that Samsung confirmed they will be releasing a new flagship phone later this year.

The company will strive to maintain profitability through robust sales of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the launch of a new flagship smartphone in the second half.

— Samsung Newsroom

Samsung offerd no other insight into what this phone may be. In fact, a spokesperson denied PC World's request for comment on the device. All anyone outside the company and its vendors know for sure is that Samsung is planning to release a new phone sometime this year. One they're bold enough to consider calling their "flagship."

The media is, of course, abuzz with speculation despite having little to go on. Many believe this flagship device will be the Note 8, which, presumably, Samsung will be doing all they can to prove to investors and consumers alike that this one won't blow up while you're using it. The Note 8 would be a logical step, however; Samsung usually releases its S-model phones in the first half of the year, then the Note models in the second half. Will they stick to this pattern going forward?

If so, it's also reasonable to think this phone would be a departure from the norm for Samsung and not follow their traditional schedule. The profitable company may want to improve relations between investors and customers, and rather than convince them all the next Note is not actually a bomb in disguise, maybe a new type of phone is required.

Whatever Samsung does release, it's competition will be the highly-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone. As PC World explains,

The new flagship smartphone and the global rollout of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are expected to help the division increase revenue and profit. But the company said that competition is expected to intensify in the second half as a result of the rollout of new smartphones by rivals, in what appears to be a reference to Apple's launch of a new version of the iPhone later this year.

— PC World

Despite the admirable financials, Samsung's entire suite of phones will be up against what could be the biggest smartphone release in the last decade. No doubt Samsung is aware of the hype, and that's why this new release is going to attempt to hit the market first. If Samsung's new flagship can do something remarkable, like be foldable, it could steal some of Apple's thunder before they even have a chance to roll out their own new features.

Based on these fiscal results from the first quarter, it would be safe to assume that — even against the new iPhone — Samsung's next phone will do just fine. As long as it doesn't explode, that is.

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