The Nexus Killer: OnePlus One Phone Review

OnePlus One Phone Review

A month ago, we showed you what I, and many around the web, dubbed the "Nexus Killer". That device is the OnePlus One, a low-priced, high-powered, CyanogenMod-run Android device.

Through a somewhat controversial "Smash the Past" giveaway—where the company asked you to literally smash your phone in favor of the One (and later backtracked to allow donation rather than smashing)—the device and company gained a ton of popularity (or notoriety).

Now, the company has over two million signups to simply purchase the device. So while it's fairly obvious that availability will be limited, the price point and features warrant a breakdown of the device, and popular YouTube tech enthusiast Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, got his hands on one.

Great features, powerful hardware, low price, and looks to boot. What do you think of the device? Would you have smashed your current device for a turn with the One? Sound off in the comments below.

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