News: Netflix Is Revolutionizing Streaming Quality as It Test Drives HDR with LG G6

Netflix Is Revolutionizing Streaming Quality as It Test Drives HDR with LG G6

The displays on all of our devices are getting better and better. TVs, smartphones (Infinity Display, anyone?) — any modern device you use, the screen looks great. So we should expect our content to live up to these fantastic displays. Netflix is attempting to do that, by implementing HDR video for LG G6 users.

Admittedly, it's a small start, as we can presume most people do not have an LG G6. Even then, the new HDR feature requires a compatible Netflix streaming plan. But with new technology, sometimes a test drive is the way to get it right, so when the larger release happens, it comes with fewer issues.

It's only one device for now, but Netflix bringing HDR to mobile is a big step in the right direction. Image by William Iven/Unsplash

To put it briefly, HDR gives you a much more detailed picture; it can mesh the darker and lighter areas in an image to achieve more vibrant video. There are limitations to how much the human eye can differentiate on such a small screen, but this increased contrast is something that will be noticeable, something that makes this news from Netflix pretty exciting.

However, Netflix, as well as the rest of us, will have to wait for more widespread HDR compatibility. Even if Netflix were to release the feature to all of its subscribers, there is a very limited number of devices that even have HDR displays. Once more phones adopt the technology, we should see Netflix, and hopefully others,

We reached out to Netflix for comment about this initial rollout of HDR and asked about their plans for the future of HDR on mobile, but have yet to receive a response. Until then, we can only speculate, but from here, it looks like HDR is Netflix's future.

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Cover image via Gaelle Marcel/Unsplash

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