News: The Latest Android N Updates Are Here with Better Emojis, Launcher Shortcuts, & More

The Latest Android N Updates Are Here with Better Emojis, Launcher Shortcuts, & More

The latest Android N preview build was released today, April 13th, and included Emoji Unicode 9.0 support, among other things. The highlight is definitely the emojis, and the new designs are intended to look more realistic than the older, blobbier emojis.

The update also allows for skin tone variations and adds new emojis like the face palm, selfie, and the juggler, to name just a few.

Get These Emojis Right Now

We hate waiting, so if you want these emojis right now, check out our guide on installing them. Or, if you're ready to take the plunge with your Nexus device, then you can install Android N right now.

What Else Is New?

  • Vulkan is a new 3D rendering API that lowers CPU requirements, allowing draw-call heavy apps to perform faster and more efficiently.
  • Launcher Shortcuts will let you perform specific app functions more easily. For instance, you can set a shortcut to instantly give you directions home when you open a navigation app.
  • API Changes, like letting you specify a minimum window size for multi-screen apps.
  • As always, there are also lots of bug fixes.

And More Cool Changes!

  • New folder icons:
  • New icon for empty recent items list:
Image via Android Police
  • Separate lock and home screen wallpapers:
Image by bricklestick/Reddit
  • Calculator quick settings shortcut:
Image via Android Police
  • Quick replies form lock screen:
Image by TriguyRN/Reddit

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