News: Huawei Gains Ground with High Sales of Mate 9

Huawei Gains Ground with High Sales of Mate 9

Huawei is the third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world and continues to increase its market presence with each new device. The Mate 9, the company's latest high-end phablet, has been available for four months now and has sold five million units so far. This is 36% more than the Mate 8 sold four months after its premiere last year.

The Mate 9, which was announced in November 2016, is known for its large 5.9-inch display screen and lower-range price point. It's not clear whether the announcement from Huawei (at a Chinese press conference) meant the Mate 9 alone, but they likely included sales of the Mate 9 Pro and Mate 9 Porsche Design.

Image via Huawei

Overall, the numbers from 2016 look great for Huawei, particularly in the European market. 2016 saw the company selling over 140 million smartphones, up 30% from 2015. Huawei's P9, released in spring 2016, is their first phone to reach 12 million in sales. That's 152% higher than their 2015 release, the P8.

They are setting their goals even higher for the P10, which went on sale in the UK on March 31, targeting 10 million units sold. It will be interesting to see how much more of the market share they can take up.

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