News: Here's Your First Look at This Year's New Nexus Phones

Here's Your First Look at This Year's New Nexus Phones

A "reliable source" divulged specs of Google's new Nexus phones made by HTC, the Sailfish and Marlin, to Android Police, who used the information to create what they believe is an accurate render of the new phones.

Render of the new Nexus phones. Image via Android Police

There are certain aspects of the render that are particularly compelling. For one, the camera doesn't protrude from the back of the phone like on the Nexus 6P. The three holes next to the rear camera will likely house hardware for auto-focusing, and maybe even a second microphone. The front has the typical earpiece speaker, front-facing camera, and various semi-opaque sensors such as the proximity sensor. A few antenna bands wrap around the back of the phone asymmetrically.

The phone will likely have an aluminum body with a glossy back pane of either plastic or glass, with the fingerprint scanner in the middle. The glossy pane may serve as a window for NFC connectivity, but either way, it offers a nice two-tone aesthetic.

As for colors, there should be two choices: aluminum finish with a white face, and the pictured dark grey and black. There may also be a blue back with a white face color choice, but Android Police is a little shaky on that possibility. And though the Marlin is supposed to be bigger than the Sailfish, they are confident the two will look more or less the same.

No notice yet on a release date or cost. For now, though, we can ogle at this render that Android Police gives a confidence level of 8 out of 10, and wait patiently until Fall for the release announcement.

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I hope this is not how the new Nexus looks like. The front looks ugly as heck. It looks cheap. It looks like something Samsung put out in 2009. The back is okay I guess.

I agree that the rendered image makes the front look plastic-like, but I'd imagine the final product will look pretty sleek.

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