News: Google's New Patent Suggests Phone Packaging That Doubles as a VR Headset

Google's New Patent Suggests Phone Packaging That Doubles as a VR Headset

Google has produced millions of low-end Cardboard VR headsets, but now it's upping its game with virtual reality phone packaging. Yep, you heard that right. A patent application published in February would suggest that the tech giant has developed phone packaging that doubles as a VR headset.

Despite its low-end quality being made of cardboard, it would still give people the opportunity to experience VR by popping their phone into its packaging. There's no word yet on exactly which phone would ship with this innovative packaging, but Google's upcoming Pixel 2 flagship lineup would make a logical candidate.

The headset. Image via Google Daydream (US 20170031165 A1)

Meanwhile, Google has already developed the mobile Daydream VR platform for the latest version of Android, and the Daydream View headset, which offers a more premium fabric construction when compared to Google Cardboard.

Evidently, they are looking to dominate the VR market with these innovative products, as Daydream is cheaper and easier to use than its pricier counterparts, such as the Samsung Gear VR headset. Google describes Daydream as "simple, high quality virtual reality," and it appears to be just that.

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Cover image via Google Daydream

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