News: Google's New AI-Powered Allo Will Help You Message Better

Google's New AI-Powered Allo Will Help You Message Better

At their annual I/O event, Google introduced their latest app to the public: Allo. The messaging app is the company's latest and most powerful entry into the expanding world of similar apps, with one twist—the inclusion of artificial intelligence.

Allo by Google

As discussed by engineering director Erik Kay, Allo is a smart messaging app that is powered by Google Assistant, also making its debut today at the event. The smart messaging app is designed to enable users to have unique conversations that are more fun and productive for all involved.

Once you sign up, you can see that there's the normal stuff you'd expect from a messaging app on the surface. Digging deeper, you start to see what makes it stand out, beginning with Expressions.

Expressions is a feature that is essentially a more eclectic collection of emojis and stickers that you can use in conversation. These were specially designed for Allo by artists around the world, which should attract users who want something different.

Another notable feature is WhisperShout. Have you ever struggled with trying to determine tone through a text you're sending? This solves that headache through the use of a sliding button. Slide up to enlarge the text as if you're shouting, slide down to minimize the text as if you're whispering. Pretty neat. You can also use it with the emojis and stickers.

Allo also features a new system of smart replies based on Google's Knowledge Graph that can be used in response to both texts and photos. This also allows users to stay within a conversation and still be able to search for what they want, like reservations from Open Table if they're looking to dine somewhere.

The chat bot power inside Allo also allows the app to do other things like leave "suggestion chips" for those same smart replies and also in another important feature—Incognito mode. This allows you to have conversations with others using end-to-end encryption, with you having the power to decide when a message expires.

Allo will be available for both iOS and Android later on this summer.

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