News: Google's Battery Issues Seem to Be Affecting Pixel Users, Too

Google's Battery Issues Seem to Be Affecting Pixel Users, Too

In recent weeks, thousands of Nexus 6P users have reported that their devices are shutting down with 30% or more battery life remaining. The phones won't start back up until they're plugged into a charger, so it's as if the battery completely dies even though there is plenty of juice left.

But Google's battery woes apparently aren't ending there. Just today, multiple Pixel users have reported similar issues on Google's latest flagship phones, so it looks as though the same battery problem is affecting more than just one device.

What's Happening

As Redditor vrski__15 explained, the battery issue on the Pixel is virtually identical to the problem that many Nexus 6P users have had recently:

Twice in [the] last 5 days, the phone shut down abruptly while I [was] in middle of something. In both instances, battery [level] was between 25-35%, and the phone, under normal conditions, should have lasted for at least [an additional] 3-4 hours.

In that same thread, Redditor buggsy2126 chimed in to say that they had experienced the same issue with their own Pixel. Then, in a completely separate thread, jdohgamer reported that their Pixel XL has shut down with 10-15% battery life remaining on several occasions.

If you're keeping count, we're now up to three separate user reports claiming that the Pixel and Pixel XL are suffering from the same bizarre battery problem that has plagued many Nexus 6P users.

We contacted Google on the matter, and were told that the company is investigating these early reports of Pixel battery issues, but has no further information to share at this time.

The situation is still developing, but this could be a sign that the Nexus 6P's battery problems aren't just limited to a hardware issue. If the same issue is indeed present on the Pixel and Pixel XL, which use two different battery cells, then we're now seeing the problem on three unique pieces of hardware. Considering that, it's possible that this is a software issue with Android, or more specifically, the recent Android Nougat update.

It's still worth noting that this issue has only been reported by a few Pixel users so far, which means it could just be a fluke, and the battery problem may indeed still be limited to the Nexus 6P.

If you've been experiencing similar issues on your own device, let us know which model and Android version in the comment section below. Otherwise, stay tuned right here, because we'll be monitoring the issue closely for further news and updates.

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Right it's happened to me, too, yesterday, in the middle of a conversation. Battery level was somewhere around 25%. I was outside and the temperature was -5° Celsius.

Thanks for reporting in! I really appreciate that you added the temperature, because that might be one of the biggest factors from what I can tell. We got into that here if you want to check it out.

It just happened to me for the 4th time. 32% battery and phone dies. Google Pixel XL Android 7.1.1

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