News: Google Streamlines Drive App & Finally Adds Trash Folder

Google Streamlines Drive App & Finally Adds Trash Folder

Google is rolling out an update for Google Drive that streamlines the online file storage/sharing app, and finally gives you access to the Trash folder that had only been available on the desktop version.

Tapping on the "information" button now opens a contextual pop-up menu—rather than a separate page that takes up the entire screen—to select options like "Add people," "Download," etc. It's not a huge change, but the new menu looks nicer than the old info page, which was a little cluttered.

The addition of the Trash folder gives you much more freedom when using Google Drive on mobile. While you were able to remove files from Drive on mobile, they would still count against your storage limit while in the Trash folder. So, if you needed some extra space but weren't near a desktop, you'd have to open the desktop version on your browser, which in the grand scheme of things isn't that big of a deal, but the new way is certainly preferable.

Finally, folders in your Drive are now marked by avatars of the people you're sharing with rather than the generic icons indicating which type of files are in the folder. The avatars are much more pleasing to the eye, especially compared to the old "gray folder" icon Drive used when multiple file types were present—that thing was straight-up ugly. The old file type icons will still be layered on top of the avatar, though.

Google is rolling out the update gradually on their end, so it might be a few days before you get it.

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