News: Google Maps Update Eliminates Annoying Voice Directions During Phone Calls & More

Google Maps Update Eliminates Annoying Voice Directions During Phone Calls & More

We've all been there. You're driving along with Google Maps pointing the way when you get a call from your friend asking you how much longer it'll be until you show up. You try to offer some lame excuse about how something came up last-minute, but you're interrupted, quite rudely, by Maps's voice guidance. The voice butts in again, and again, and again, to the point that you consider having Maps navigate you to the nearest cliff so that you can drive off it.

This seems like a problem that should have been fixed ages ago, but I guess better late than never. And yes, some people probably find it useful, but having the option to toggle it is nice. To that end, Google is rolling out an update for Maps that finally gets the navigation voice to shut the hell up while you're making a phone call, if you so choose.

It might be a few days before you receive the update over the air, but you can download version 9.20.0 from APKMirror, provided you've got a 64-bit device with at least 400 dpi display. Hopefully the update will be made available to older devices in the next day or two from the Google Play Store.

How to Turn of Voice Guidance on Phone Calls

Turning off voice guidance during calls is an option in the settings menu, so you can leave it on if you're trying to dodge a call from your mother-in-law or parole officer, or if you're just a sick bastard with little regard for humanity. Just head to Settings -> Navigation settings to adjust.

Pop Up Street Names, Timeline Additions, & Review Photos

The update also adds a nice touch to on-screen navigation. Maps now has street names pop up on your route, rather than just showing the blue line, so that you don't have to look away to see the name of the road you're supposed to turn onto, exit number, etc. This can be extra handy considering the voice navigation is often vague. "In 800 feet, turn left." Uh, sure?

You'll also be able to add photos your reviews, to further help you remember what it was you liked or didn't like about whatever it is you're reviewing.

The update also adds a new wrinkle to Maps's Timeline which allows you to add a stop to your trip. You'll have to open up your Timeline to record the stop, but it's easy. From the Timeline page, click the options pull-down menu, and then tap "Add a Place."

This update should make Google Maps easier and more intuitive to use. Download and try it out if your phone meets the minimum requirements. If not, hopefully the update will be available to you in the next few days. Unfortunately, no word yet on when it'll hit iOS devices.

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