News: Google Goes Gaming with Their ADT-1 Set-Top Box

Google Goes Gaming with Their ADT-1 Set-Top Box

Google announced the ADT-1—their first foray into dedicted gaming using their Android TV platform—at this year's Google I/O, in hopes to once again take over your living room on the heels of the immensely popular Chromecast.

Combined with Google's drive back into the set-top box market, their gaming venture is ready to compete directly with similar offerings from Amazon and Apple.

Google tried to get in the TV set-top box game with Google TV a few years back, but with bugs and slow adoption rates by both manufacturers and consumers, the original device ended up being a flop.

But after the success of the Chromecast and commitments from TV manufacturers to support their new project, Google dusted themselves off with the Android TV, or the ADT-1, and handed a few of them out to developers at this year's Google I/O. While the set-top box may be different from the built-in Android TV options we'll start to see later this year, the focus on gaming could make this sleek little device one that's worth picking up.

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