News: Galaxy Z Flip Release Date, Specs & More — Samsung's Folding Clamshell Phone Is Coming Very Soon

Galaxy Z Flip Release Date, Specs & More — Samsung's Folding Clamshell Phone Is Coming Very Soon

Samsung decided to jump into the foldable category early, announcing the Galaxy Fold in February 2019. After a major hiccup, Samsung released the phone four months later to praise. But Samsung's not finished with foldables, as the new Galaxy Z Flip is just on the horizon.

Samsung should announce the new clamshell foldable smartphone alongside the Galaxy S20 series. Some rumors have called it the 2020 version of the Galaxy Fold, but that's not exactly accurate. The Z Flip is more like an old Motorola flip phone than a tablet that folds down to a pocketable size. It should also be significantly cheaper than the ~$2,000 Fold, and that could help push the industry toward the folding design sooner than most people predicted.

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Standout Features

While the Galaxy Z Flip will lack the latest SoC from Qualcomm (and likely have other shortcomings), it will be priced at nearly half the cost of the Motorola RAZR which currently sits as the most affordable foldable phone available to US customers. It will have a clamshell design, so it's more similar to the Motorola RAZR than the Galaxy Fold, making it easier to make phone calls and store in your pocket.

Important Dates

Rumors have it that the new Galaxy Z Flip (not the Galaxy Fold 2), with model number Samsung SM-700F, will be announced alongside the Galaxy S20 series on February 11, 2020. The event is rumored to be held in San Francisco, CA. We currently don't know when preorders will go live or when it will release.

  • Release date: Unknown
  • Preorder date: Unknown
  • Announcement date: Feb. 11, 2020
Image by The Tech Chap/Twitter

Storage Capacity

Based on the information we do know, we can make some educated guesses on the storage. We believe the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will have one storage option, 256 GB, which is precisely half the amount found in the Galaxy Fold. Like the Galaxy Fold, we don't expect microSD card support.

  • Storage available: 256 GB
  • Expandable storage: no

Price for Everything

If there is any reason to be excited about the Z Flip, it's the rumored $849–$899 price. That's less than half the cost of the Galaxy Fold and just about average for a high-end non-foldable phone. For context, this would be around the price of the rumored Galaxy S20 Ultra and less than the Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Price: $849–$899


Unlike the Galaxy Fold, rumors have it Samsung will employ an ultra-thin glass on the Z Flip. If glass is less than 100 micrometers thick, it can be reliably folded. But the glass Samsung is using here (developed by Dolnsys) is only 30 micrometers so you can be confident it won't crack when you flip the phone shut.

According to the tipster Ice universe, the screen will look flatter and have fewer wrinkles than the Galaxy Fold thanks to this glass design. Samsung has trademarked a few names with that seem to be the marketing terms for this new display: "Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass," "Samsung UTG," and "UTG."

  • Frame: glass, aluminum
  • Finish: Unknown


We currently don't know the dimensions or weight of the phone. We also don't know if it will be IP rated, as the Galaxy Fold never received an official rating. We also don't know which carriers will support the phone. But we'll update this section as soon as we learn more.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Width: Unknown
  • Depth: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Dust/water resistance: Unknown
  • Supported carriers: Unknown
  • Infrared blaster: Unknown


Just like the Galaxy S20 series, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will run the latest version of Android, Android 10. Android 10 comes with native support for foldable display, which means it will be easier for apps to scale to the new design. In addition, because the phone bends like a traditional flip phone, when unfolded, it will look similar to a conventional phone, so using apps will look and feel no different from your non-foldable phone.

  • Version: Android 10


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will run One UI 2, the latest version of Samsung's skin that runs on top of Android 10. One UI 2 builds upon the success of the One UI 1, adding the new changes from Android 10 and few additions from Samsung.

  • Version: One UI 2


Rumors have it the phone unfolded will be 6.7 inches. It will use a punch hole to house the front-facing camera. It will have small top and bottom bezels. We expect it will be an AMOLED panel but are not sure of the resolution.

There is an outer display (just like the Motorola RAZR), although it appears to save cost, Samsung is opting for a much smaller strip with limited interactions. Based on the leaked photos, the outside screen will only be big enough to show time, battery percentage, and a few notification icons.

Image via @SuperSaf/Twitter @SuperSaf/Twitter (via Weibo user Wang Benhong)
  • Screen size: 6.7 inches (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Screen resolution: Unknown (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Total pixels: Unknown (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Pixel density: Unknown (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Screen type: SAMOLED
  • Notch: no
  • Punch-Hole: yes (folded)
  • Screen-to-body ratio: Unknown (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Aspect ratio: Unknown (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Minimum brightness: Unknown (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Maximum brightness:Unknown (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz (60 Hz for touch-sensing) (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Color temp: Unknown (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
  • Color gamut: Unknown (unfolded), Unknown (folded)
Image via Ice universe/Twitter @SuperSaf/Twitter (via Weibo user Wang Benhong)


One aspect of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that might displease fans is the use of 2019's flagship SoC, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. This was likely done to minimize cost, however, understand that for most tasks, you won't notice the difference.

As far as RAM, unlike the 12 GB of RAM in the Galaxy Fold, we expect much less, around 6 or 8 GB. This will help lower the cost and lower power consumption.

  • Memory: 6 or 8 GB RAM
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Chip size: 7 nanometer
  • Coprocessor: full name
  • CPU frequency: 2.8 GHz (Gold) + 2.4 GHz (Gold) + 1.7GHz (Silver)
  • CPU cores: 8 (4 Gold + 4 Silver)
  • GPU: Adreno 640
  • GPU frequency: 585 MHz


The SM- F700F will use two batteries, likely placed on each half of the phone (so the battery doesn't bend). The smaller battery has a capacity of 900 mAh. We don't know what the larger battery capacity is, but we are hoping at least manages 3,500 mAh total. Anything less would mean average battery life at best.

As far as charging, according to XDA, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will support Samsung's new Super Fast Charging. This means it will support the same charger as the Galaxy Note 10+, which starts at 25 W (you can buy a 45 W charger separately from Samsung for $37.49).

  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Wired charging: yes, Super Fast Charging
  • Wireless charging: Unknown

Front Camera

We know the front facing camera is housed in a punch hole on the main display. It will be 10 MP, but we currently don't know anything else about it yet.

Image by @SuperSaf/Twitter (via Weibo user Wang Benhong)
  • Resolution: 10 MP
  • Aperture: Unknown
  • Zoom: Unknown
  • Flash: yes, screen flash
  • Image stabilization: Unknown
  • RAW support: Unknown
  • Object detection: Unknown
  • Formats: JPEG

Rear Camera

We know from leaked photos that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has dual rear cameras. According to Galaxy Z Flipberg, it will have the 108 MP sensor also found in the Galaxy S20 series.

The primary camera is an ISOCELL Bright HM1, which uses pixel binning to combine adjacent pixels into one pixel for better exposure and low light performance. Images are reduced to 12 MP, but should have much better low-light performance. Based on the circular opening, the Galaxy Z Flip doesn't come with the S20 Ultra's periscope telephoto camera capable of 5x optical zoom and 100x hybrid zoom. However, if rumors prove true, this should be more than capable camera offering 3x optical zoom with OIS and EIS.

Image by Concept Creator/YouTube
  • Resolution: 108 MP (primary), 48 MP (telephoto)
  • Sensor size: 0.8 µm/2.4 µm (primary), Unknown (telephoto)
  • Aperture: Unknown (primary), Unknown (telephoto)
  • Zoom: yes, 5x optical, Unknown (digital)
  • Flash: yes, High CRI LED
  • Image stabilization: yes, primary and telephoto
  • RAW support: yes
  • Lens cover: sapphire crystal
  • Object detection: yes, food, faces
  • Formats: JPEG, RAW

With the decision to opt for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, video performance will be limited compared to the Galaxy S20. Namely, it will not be able to shoot 8K (7680 × 4320) at 30 fps or shoot super slow motion (960 fps) for an indefinite period of time. It should support HDR10+ video capture and Samsung's new Video Pro mode for more control over video capture.

  • Resolution: 720p, 1080p, and 4K
  • Max frame rate: 720p at 30fps, 1080p at 60 fps, 4K at 60 fps
  • Slow motion: 720p at 960 fps, 1080p at 240 fps (limited duration)
  • Time-lapse: yes, 1080p
  • Photos: yes, higher than 9.1 MP still photos during 4K recording
  • Zoom: yes, see above
  • Flash access: yes, see above
  • Image stabilization: yes, VDIS (video digital image stabilization)
  • Object detection: Unknown
  • Autofocus: Unknown
  • Audio: stereo
  • Formats: H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC)


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip appears to have stereo speakers with a speaker above the main display and another bottom-firing. There appears to be no headphone jack. We do expect Samsung will partner with AKG again to tune the speakers and will have Dolby Atmos support for louder (and more spatial) sound.

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack: no
  • Stereo speakers: yes, front and bottom firing
  • Mics: Unknown

Media Formats

We expect the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to have the same media file support as the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S20 series.

  • Video: MKV, MOV, MP4, H.265(HEVC), AVI, WMV, TS, 3GP, FLV, WEBM


We currently don't know if Samsung will be making any changes regarding sensors.

  • Sensors: Accelerometer, RGB Ambient Light Sensor, Barometer, Gyro sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Hall sensor, Proximity sensor, Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

Because of the Galaxy Note 10+, we believe Samsung will jump on the dual-frequency GPS bandwagon and include support for the more accurate tracking on the new clamshell Galaxy Fold.

  • GPS: yes, L1 + L5
  • aGPS: yes
  • Glonass: yes, L1
  • BeiDou: yes, B1
  • Galileo: yes, E1 + E5a
  • QZSS: no


We expect Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 since all of Samsung's flagships from the last year have included these features.

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • NFC: yes
  • Cellular: nano-SIM
  • Port: USB Type-C


We currently don't know what biometrics will be used.

  • Fingerprint scanner: no or yes (type, e.g., in-display)
  • Face scanner: no or yes (type/branding, e.g., Face ID, 3D Face, etc.)
  • Iris scanner: no or yes (type/branding)
  • Manual authentication: list all types (password, PIN, passcode, pattern, swipe, etc.)

Box Includes

We currently don't know what will be included in the box, but we can make some educated guesses. Namely, the inclusion of the 25 W Super Fast Charging Adapter and USB-C cable. It could include AKG USB-C earbuds, but this has not been confirmed.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Samsung USB Type-C Cable
  • Samsung Power Adapter (25W)
  • AKG USB-C Earbuds
  • SIM Tray Ejector
  • Welcome Letter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Information
Cover image via Samsung Newsroom/YouTube

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