News: Galaxy S8 Active to Be Another AT&T Exclusive

Galaxy S8 Active to Be Another AT&T Exclusive

It turns out that the new Galaxy Samsung S8 Active (codenamed Cruiser) will be headed for AT&T in the US later this year, just like previous Active models. SamMobile revealed that the device would be exclusive to the network with a model number SM-G892A.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word cruiser as a "large heavily armed warship that is lighter, faster, and more maneuverable than a battleship." A fitting codename for this device in terms of its battery power.

As SamMobile pointed out, the Active versions of Samsung Galaxy S flagships usually have larger batteries, which could appeal to consumers who aren't fond of the more compact batteries in the S8 and S8+. That resistance and resilience will be the draw with this newer model. However, it remains to be seen how Samsung will incorporate this bulkier battery with the sleek appearance of the S8.

We're expecting that the Samsung S8 Active will have IP68 certification (i.e., dust/sand/water resistance) akin to its S8 brethren. But what we really want to see is whether the S8 Active will incorporate an Active Key like previous Active models, as well as the new Bixby button. Something we'll be watching closely.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ were announced by Samsung at the recent Samsung UNPACKED 2017 event. Sales will officially commence in the US on April 21, 2017.

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Although the S8, S8+, and S8 Active haven't reached stores yet, some of their stock apps have leaked already, namely the Samsung Experience Launcher, which was ported by XDA member takerhbk to work on older Galaxy devices, like the S7 and the S7 Edge.

Samsung seems to be coming back strong in the wake of the exploding Note7 fiasco, not to mention the political scandals that rocked the mobile company. The Korean conglomerate was forced to issue a global recall for the Galaxy Note7 when the device's non-removable lithium-ion battery had a tendency to explode while charging.

Further support of the resurgence includes Samsung's quarterly forecast which suggests a global profit of $8.8 billion— their most lucrative in three years.

Things have taken a positive turn for Samsung and are only going to get better with the release of the Galaxy S8, S8+, and the hardy S8 Active. Let's just hope there are no more exploding batteries (or court cases!) to thwart their ongoing success.

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