News: The Full Original DOOM Video Game Is Now Available for Free on Google Play

The Full Original DOOM Video Game Is Now Available for Free on Google Play

In the wake of its 20th anniversary, the folks over at Eltechs have released Original DOOM, a full shareware version of the revolutionary first-person shooter DOOM for Android, available for free on the Google Play Store. It's unmodded and unaltered from the original FPS classic.

Originally released in 1993 as one-third of a complete trilogy, over ten million people played the game in the next two years ushering in a new wave of violent games with characters progressing through levels, shooting shit up.

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Just like the PC version, the controls on the Android are just as limited (in a good way), with the ability to move move backwards and forwards, as well as pan to the left or right. Embedded in a specially-made screen control interface, you're also given icons to shoot, open doors, check the map, use hand combat and escape your current game.

Just like every emulator for Android out there, the controls take some time to adjust to, but once you get the hang of it, the gameplay becomes simple, just the way I remembered playing it on my PC way back when. With this version, you can also load and save games, unlike some simulators where saving is unfortunate non-existent.

While the game is free, you're relegated to only the first portion of the trilogy which is still a handful of playing time. If you want the play the other two-thirds of the video game, you can either purchase it or use your own licensed resources of DOOM and load them directly onto your device. To do so, just...

  1. Back up doom.wad file from the Android/data/com.eltechs.originaldoom/ directory
  2. Remove it from that directory
  3. Copy all files with wad extension from your licensed game to that same directory

And that's all there is to it. There are plenty of other DOOM version in Google Play, but this is by far the best one out there right now.

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