News: For Limited Time AT&T Offers T-Mobile Users $450 Big Ones to Make the Switch

For Limited Time AT&T Offers T-Mobile Users $450 Big Ones to Make the Switch

Now might be as good a time as any to change over from the 'Uncarrier' to Ma Bell. For a limited time only, AT&T is offering T-Mobile customers 450 bucks in credit to change to their team. Folks jumping ship from the Big Magenta could earn up to $250 in credit for trading in their smartphone and another $200 credit for transferring service.

AT&T sure is working hard to snag up new subscribers, and if you've been looking for a change in carrier and to save some money to boot, you might just wanna take them up on it.

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That's cute. Still happy to be at T-Mobile, though.

Why would anyone do this? With all the money AT&T had to pay T-Mo in their failed acquisition, T-Mo did a massive upgrade to their network. So now in addition to being the cheapest of the major providers, they also have great coverage, and they don't have contracts. I pay MUCH less on T-Mo than I used to on AT&T, for truly unlimited LTE data service and no contract. They also let you upgrade your device every 6 months now, and have a similar deal where they'll pay your ETF with your previous carrier if you switch to them. Even bribery isn't going to ensnare too many T-Mo customers these days, because there aren't too many unhappy T-Mo customers these days.

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