News: Everything You Need to Know About the New Xposed Installer (Version 2.5)

Everything You Need to Know About the New Xposed Installer (Version 2.5)

Allowing us to easily get features that would otherwise be available only through flashing mods and custom ROMs, Xposed Installer has been a godsend since its development, simplifying the sometimes tasking and potentially harmful process of changing the core components of Android's operating system.

With its simplistic UI and expansive module repository, Xposed has barreled through the tech world these past couple of years, making it immensely popular within the Android community.

Here at softModder, we're thrilled with the advancements that Xposed has made during these past two years, making all of our lives a bit easier and our devices more capable than manufacturers imagined. Now, rovo89 has privileged us with yet another update to Xposed Installer.

What's New in Xposed 2.5

Fresh out of beta, Xposed 2.5 comes with not only improved device compatibility, but with new features and improvements that provide a better overall experience.

Starting with a rewriting of the entire framework, Xposed is now more compatible with applications, provides improved feedback when root access fails, and now allows the installation of files with custom recovery (CWM/TWRP) for devices that could not install the framework through normal means, flashing the file either automatically or manually.

New Safemode to Combat Bootloops

In addition, Xposed now sports a safemode which allows you to disable Xposed during bootloops. To disable Xposed, you'll have to repeatedly tap one of the hardware buttons (Power, Volume, or Home) on your device during startup.

During boot, your device will vibrate twice when it detects the first key press. You'll then have five seconds to press that same button four more times, with each keystroke producing a short single vibration. After ending with a long vibration, your device will disable and prevent most of Xposed's actions, allowing you to easily troubleshoot problematic modules.

While it should work for the majority of bootloops, it's not a 100% guarantee, as there may be various issues causing a bootloop that have nothing to do with Xposed.

Additional Features

Included in the new features are are some fixes that help fine tune the entire framework of Xposed. In the case that you receive a "Segmentation fault" message during the installation process, you can download additional applications (that appear on screen automatically) which provide the tools to fix these issues (using BusyBox) and improve compatibility with whatever ROM you have.

New Device and ROM Compatibilities

Finally, the new version of Xposed is compatible with more ROMs than ever, adding Android 4.3+ Sony ROMs, Android 4.3 LG ROMs, and Android 4.4 Meizu ROMs, adding to the already substantial rolodex of Android operating systems.

If you guys want to check out the newest version of Xposed, check out my guide on how to download Xposed Installer on the Galaxy Note 2, which should work simarlily on most Android devices.

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