News: Everything We Know About the Sony Xperia XZ4 So Far

Everything We Know About the Sony Xperia XZ4 So Far

Though not famous as the iPhone and Galaxy, Sony's Xperia line of devices have become the mainstay of many Android aficionados. And with the introduction of the XZ2, the famous company ditched the familiar, blocky design that its smartphones were known for, in favor a sleek, curvier appearance. This same design element has carried over to the XZ3, and will likely continue on with the upcoming XZ4.

With the arrival of the XZ4, Sony will likely pull out all the stops in terms of design in the hopes of grabbing some of the market share from more dominant competitors like Samsung and Google. Compared to other upcoming releases like the Galaxy S10, however, details regarding the XZ4 have been few and far between. That said, here's what we have so far regarding the upcoming Xperia flagship.

Announcement & Release

Sony has been pretty consistent with unveiling its flagship devices on a biannual basis, with the first phone entering the market around spring, followed by the second handset around fall. For reference, we only need to look back to the XZ4's predecessors, the Xperia XZ2 and XZ3, which were released on April 5 and October 5, respectively.

Therefore, we're going to go with the speculation made by Digital Trends and assume that Sony will introduce the Xperia XZ4 sometime around April 2019.


The Xperia XZ3 was no slouch in the screen department, and boasted a 6 inch OLED display which put it on par with other flagship phones like the Galaxy S9. If a recent leak turns out to be true, Sony will take things up a notch — without actually implementing one — with the XZ4.

Onleaks and MySmartPrice have recently released CAD-based renders of the Xperia XZ4, which gives us the best estimation yet of how the flagship will look. One of the most apparent features of the device is its tall screen, which MySmartPrice mentions as being 6.5 inches diagonally. And unlike a whole slew of devices that copied Apple's notch, Sony decided to buck the trend and forgo its use.

Because of its massive notch-less display, the Xperia XZ4 will have an impressive aspect ratio of 21:9. Despite this, however, the XZ4 is relatively compact, and measures of 6.57 x 2.85 inches, due in part to its thin bezel design.

Image by MySmartPrice/YouTube


In a first for Sony, the upcoming XZ4 will sport a main camera that consists of three separate lenses and sensors. According to renders leaked by MySmartPrice and Onleaks, the triple camera system will be arranged vertically along the top-center of the device for a more symmetrical look.

Image by MySmartPrice/YouTube

Unfortunately, there's no other details regarding the camera setup's megapixel count and other capabilities. With that said, the XZ4's potential implementation of three cameras for its main shooter seems very plausible, as other OEMs are either working on or have already introduced triple-camera systems into their flagship devices — most notable of these being the Huawei P20 Pro.\\

Will Come in at Least Two Variants

Sonny's flagship XZ line usually comes in multiple variants, and the XZ4 will be no exception. As reported by CompreRaja and Onleaks, a compact model is in the works, and will feature a smaller 5-inch display along with a single rear camera unit. And if the renders provided by Onleaks prove to be accurate, the XZ4 Compact will also sport dual front speakers, but at the cost of thicker upper and lower bezels.

The XZ4 Compact, note the thicker bezels. Image by CompareRaja/YouTube


So far, there's no concrete information about how much the Xperia XZ4 will cost. Based off the XZ3's $900 price tag, however, Digital Trends speculates that the XZ4 will roughly cost around the same price, so start saving now if you'd like to purchase or upgrade to this device.

That's all the juicy tidbits we have so far about Sony's potentially game changing flagship. Of course, we'll continue to stay on the lookout for any new information that bubbles up to the surface, so be sure to check back often.

Cover image by Waqar Khan/YouTube

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