News: Don't Even Think About Buying a OnePlus 6 Next Year

Don't Even Think About Buying a OnePlus 6 Next Year

OnePlus just took the wraps off their new flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5T. The phone has an impressive spec list, including a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6.01" FHD display at 2160 x 1080, 6 or 8 GB of RAM, 64 or 128 GB of storage, 3,300 mAh battery, and the awesome Dash Charging technology. This rapid turnover to a new device has many OnePlus 5 early-adopters angry and feeling duped.

Aside from the new display size and aspect ratio, the specs on the 5T are identical to the OnePlus 5 unveiled less than five months ago. Both phones feature AMOLED display technology, both support the DCI-P3 color gamut, and both will likely feature similar Samsung panels.

In 2018, phones with an extra-tall aspect ratio have become commonplace. The main aesthetic benefit of lengthening the display is that it reduces the top and bottom bezels, making the phone's screen feel more immersive. Considering that the new display is the only significant hardware change, why not include this bezel-less design in the OnePlus 5 to start?

In addition to hardware changes, the 5T features a new facial unlock mechanism that is reportedly lightning fast. Many OnePlus 5 users are wondering if they will ever enjoy the benefit of this new feature through a software update. While I think it is possible the feature may arrive in a future update, these are all concerns that come from releasing two similar phones within a few months of one another.

Panels featuring the 18:9 aspect ratio have been widely available since early-2017 from both Samsung and LG, making these questions from OnePlus fans are well-founded. We scanned Twitter for some response's to OnePlus CEO Carl Pei's tweet, gauging interest in the new 5T flagship, check out the overall reaction below.

@getpeid Cheated again with 5t within months..Bye Bye. Only Pixel..

@getpeid feeling cheated after buying oneplus5. Should hv waited for 5T

@getpeid @oneplus hope you dont ditch us ,one plus 5 owners, regarding pushing out future android updates.

@getpeid Sad , because I got the OnePlus 5 just a month ago.

It's pretty clear that anyone buying the OnePlus 5 feels a bit cheated. The same exact thing happened just over a year ago when OnePlus 3 owners were burned in similar fashion after the 3T was announced a few short months later.

At this point it's also safe to say that I will not recommend the OnePlus 6 to anyone next summer. It doesn't make much sense to recommend a phone in June when a slightly improved version is almost certainly coming a few months later.

Moral of the story? Skip the 6 and wait for the 6T, otherwise you'll be running an outdated phone after only a few months.

While the 5T is an impressive piece of hardware, I'm sorry to say that OnePlus has fooled me for the last time. Let us know in the comments how you feel about a new flagship replacing the "old" one after less than five months. Did you buy a OnePlus 5 and feel cheated by the 5T announcement?

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Cover image via OnePlus


It's actually advisable to wait for OnePlus 6 as it's going to have Snapdragon 845
OnePlus 5T is one of the last devices running SD835

I think I'd just wait for the 6T, because then I'll get whatever other feature they leave off the 6, plus the SD 845.

Fool me once shame on you.
Fool me twice shame on me.

Lesson learned personally with the OP3

It's a no win situation because by time the 6T comes out it will be using in effect , last of that year's technology with the new line of upgrades to Samsung and the likes only months away.

PS back to Nexus/Pixel for me since the 3/3T nonsense

I've always skipped the T as the T usually is just a little update and the major updates come with the number change.

anyone feeling "cheated" probably got cheated on the IQ at birth. The OnePlus phones are so cheap that it's a no brainer to buy the upgrade, and either sell the previous version, or just hand it off to your kiddos like I do. Complaining about upgrading "too frequently" is just STUPID.

$500 isn't exactly cheap for the average person. It's great if it is easy for you, but that's far from the norm.

I don't understand the argument. You're saying you somehow get less for your money because they came out with an upgraded model after a few months? Would your phone have been better if they didn't release a new one? There are new phones coming out every week. The question is if your phone will be obsolete in a year or two, and in the case of OP that's probably not the case. You'll see official updates and custom ROMs for many years to come and the hardware will most likely still be better than midrange phones in a few years.

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