Developers, Take Note: The Best-Looking Android App Animations of 2013

The Best-Looking Android App Animations of 2013

This year in Android has seen a myriad of visual improvements among various apps' user interfaces. From the card swipes of Google Now to the article fade-ins of Circa News, developers have shown that they can strike a beautiful balance between form and function. Check out the following video, complied by redditor hinesh, for some examples.

My personal favorite (since I use it just about every day) is the YouTube picture-in-picture feature that allows for watching one video while browsing for others. Also introduced in YouTube version 5.0 is the swipe-from-left navigation menu ,which is becoming more prevalent among Google and third-party apps alike.

Do you know of any other apps that deserve a mention? How do you think Android animations stack up to that of iOS animations? Let us know in the comments.

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