Déjà Vu: Samsung Races to Unveil Galaxy Note 8 Before New iPhone

Samsung Races to Unveil Galaxy Note 8 Before New iPhone

Nope, it's not 2016 again. Samsung is giving it another go at beating its competitor by attempting to unveil their new Galaxy Note 8 before the new iPhone. Because it worked out so well the last time.

Still, we probably shouldn't be too worried. Reports about the unveiling came from the Korea Herald, stating that speculation suggested Samsung was attempting to strategically unveil the Galaxy Note 8 in late August, just enough ahead of the iPhone 8 unveiling to grab most of the publicity.

Last year, the massive recall of the Galaxy Note 7, which was known for battery faults that caused it to catch on fire, hit Samsung with a major blow, mostly due to how they continued to ship out faulty devices even after reports of fires. But there are few things that Samsung loves more than getting the upper hand on Apple. They are constantly pushing to find the 'next big thing' in the smartphone world, as can be seen in rumors about Galaxy X, which could be the first foldable smartphone.

According to reports, back in 2016 when Samsung heard about the new iPhone and when it would be unveiled, they rushed to get their Galaxy Note 7 done and out quicker. Tighter deadlines, disregarded quality checks, and faster production got the phones out sooner, but with the number of new features that the phone had - most of them created to spite Apple - mistakes were made.

Galaxy Note 7. Image via Samsung

Hopefully, Samsung has learned from those mistakes, even as they hurry to get the Galaxy Note 8 out before the iPhone 8. The Galaxy S8 was definitely proof that despite wanting to compete with Apple, they are now more dedicated to testing the quality of their product to ensure nothing like that happens again. According to reports, the Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to be very similar to the Galaxy S8, but with a dual lens camera on the back of the phone, which surely means we can trust it.

The Galaxy Note 8 is also rumored to be using Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8896, 64 GB Storage and 6 GB RAM, as well as dual firing speakers. For more details on the full rumor roundup regarding the Galaxy Note 8, check out the link below.

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Cover photo by Dennis Haslam/Flickr

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