News: How to Check Out the OnePlus 5 LiveStream

How to Check Out the OnePlus 5 LiveStream

The hype is real surrounding the OnePlus 5. As of this post, over 300,000 people have registered for their chance to order the device next week.

For everyone's sakes, I hope OnePlus has enough to meet demand. Whether or not you registered this week, there's a good chance you're at least curious about what the OnePlus 5 is. What better way to find out than by checking out the livestream.

OnePlus has announced that their newest device will be revealed live this Tuesday, June 20. The stream is set to air at 12 PM EDT (9 AM PDT). I know I'll be watching on my lunch break — West coasters can watch with their morning cup.

The official livestream is happening here. OnePlus has a funky website, adding a new page to its countdown-slideshow each day that inches closer to the reveal. It's fun to click around on, but if you're just looking for the livestream, make sure you click that link at noon.

Additionally, OnePlus 5 events are happening in different cities around the world. Use this website to see if you live near one!

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Cover image by OnePlus/Youtube

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