News: Apple Created a Switcher Guide for Android Users, but Don't Bother Reading It

Apple Created a Switcher Guide for Android Users, but Don't Bother Reading It

Apple used to be a great, innovative company. But lately, it's filling its coffers with money raked in from selling folks on "new" and "unique" features that have been blatantly ripped off from Android.

With a phablet iPhone and a rushed-out smartwatch, Apple is banking on stealing a few users away from the Android ecosystem. Tim Cook must've been thinking to himself, "They'll come in droves now that our flagship phone isn't comically tiny any more," as the company has recently posted a guide on switching from Android to iOS.

Well, that's quite nice of them, right? Wrong. With "helpful" tips such as "Move (photos and videos) to your iPhone using an app or a computer with iTunes" and "Go to the App Store, search for the apps you have now, and install them," their idea of easy ecosystem switching seems to be Copy and Paste.

Ironically, Android users are quite familiar with the ability to plug a phone into a computer and copy stuff over. Because unlike iOS, Android doesn't obfuscate its folder structures or require clunky software to interact with a computer.

So if you've recently made the switch from Android to Apple, well...good luck. In the meantime, we'll be right here showing you how to get iOS 11's features today.

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Wow. Bitter much? I imagine that since everything you're saying is true, that people who are already Droid users will not be flocking to the iPhone 6 models. The global market is one story, with Droid phones as a whole, but Apple has been gaining ground on and exceeding Samsung in US marketshare with its "comically tiny" iPhones. I can only imagine how the marketshare will shift now that there is no good reason in terms of screen size to avoid an iPhone. I would agree that the lack of access to the file system is annoying for an advanced user. Then again, there is a good reason why 95% plus of mobile malware is written for Droid. I'll take security over being able to tinker with the file system any day. In short, you can critique the switching guides all you like. The truth is many fanDroids will be using them in the very near future.

True, but speaking specifically about their "guide", I find it a bit lacking to suggest that everything be connected to iTunes. Android is, for the most part, an open ecosystem. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that Apple build an efficient transfer tool. That would certainly win some converts.

For me, one of my biggest hesitations about switching to iOS is being locked so deeply into Apple's ecosystem, like being force-feed iTunes. Sure you could say the same about Google, but Android provides options if you don't want to buy in.

(And their Apps "transfer" suggestion is pretty laughable)

Unless the user is a donkey there's almost no way you can really get malaware or anything nasty on an Android anymore. All the security you talked about isn't that special. Google has stepped up their quality control.

I'm not saying there isn't any, just saying you have to be VERY careless these days to get something remotely dangerous. There really isn't much credibility in the "Android has *insert scary thing here*!" argument anymore.

And Android L is shipping with system-wide encryption enabled out of the box.

In reality, Android is just as safe an iOS, unless, like you said, you're careless (and in all reality, rooted as well...which in turn means you're probably not all that careless).

boring....its the same old apple problems just fast forward 5+ years , still need itunes to do anything , want a song as a ringtone and have no computer ?? ur shit out of luck. i mean if it wasnt such a big slow loading mofo of a program it wouldnt be so bad but it want to be my media player by default , wants to sync anytime i turn on my computer by default like seriously just f off, must be made by ppl who cant take hints. in saying all this i guess its really our fault or moreso the consumers of apple product , specifically the ones that buy every new iteration then go online to cry about all the downfalls. i mean look at iphone 5's profit margin thats the bottom line, apple dont have employees scouring the net reading ppl's reviews the profit already suggest that they built a great product that people love and want , and even tho the changes this time is a bigger screen or whatnot if the profit margin is great again , we the consumers will be sending a msg that we are happy with restricted file systems,, slow companion program and minuscule upgrades.

one thing i must say though is compared to the android market the ios store is wayyy superior you actually have apps that will at least install and run and work 70% of the time and more importantly you have user reviews that are at least legible , in google market you have reviews that say "very beautiful lovely program" for a media player or you got people saying "i buy dis app n then my fone flashng n now what can i to do msg mee plsss".. yeh wtf is wif that.

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