News: Android Users Rejoice! Twitter Update Brings Automatic Night Mode

Android Users Rejoice! Twitter Update Brings Automatic Night Mode

If you're like me and you typically find yourself scrolling through Twitter before bed, you will be psyched about this new update for Android.

About a year ago, Twitter introduced 'night mode' to Android users. When manually turned on, users are able to get rid of the white background for Twitter that can be blinding in the dark and replace it with a black background.

Since its introduction, users have been asking Twitter for a setting that automatically turns night mode on. As of today, Twitter has answered that plea and now allows users to choose to automatically turn on night mode. According to 9to5Google, this feature has been testing since April and is now finally seeing the light as it's rolled out with version 7.2.

Once the app is updated, you have to go into the toggle in the navigation drawer to find the setting. A prompt will appear asking 'want night mode to work automatically?'. If you click yes, the toggle will be replaced with 'Automatic'. Then, when it hits sunrise and sunset in your time, the app will automatically switch to night mode. If those times aren't good for you, and you want to continue to turn it on manually, you can press the night mode option again and it will prompt you to disable it.

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The feature can also be found in Settings and Privacy. Once in that navigation center, click Display and Sound and a new dropdown will appear to give you the options for night mode.

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User reactions to this have been pretty positive so far. Since this was a much-desired feature after the introduction of the night mode, Twitter users have taken to tweeting their reactions, which are much different than the ones in response to Twitter's layout overhaul.

Images by tonfitiina/Twitter, cmk256/Twitter, FarrathAR/Twitter, CutieCuttle/Twitter

I'm not an Android user, so I'm pretty desperate for this to be released for iOS users too. Luckily, speculation seems to be pointing toward this being released for iOS sometime soon. Which is good because I'd like to not be blinded by my Twitter feed as soon as the sun goes down anymore. This feature is small and not revolutionary, but it is going to make people's lives easier, something that no one can really have any basis for objecting to.

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