News: Always-Updated List of Phones That Will Get Android 11 — Release Dates & Latest Rumors

Always-Updated List of Phones That Will Get Android 11 — Release Dates & Latest Rumors

Android 11 is officially out. With Google's continuous work on the update process, it is expected that more smartphones will receive the latest update in a timely fashion. However, exactly when the update is expected isn't always known.

So we'll try to make it easier for you. As soon as the update is pushed out to your device, this page will tell you it's on its way. That way, you don't need to keep checking the software update page on your phone. As with most other Android releases, Google devices get it first, but other OEMs will follow in the weeks and months ahead.

There is a lot to look forward to in Android 11. This update has a ton of noticeable changes, including an updated notification shade, chat bubbles, and a new power menu. Check our list periodically to see the latest release dates and confirmed devices. And check out the link below for the full list of all the new features coming soon to your device.

About This List

For each phone on this list, we'll label it as either "Confirmed" (with an official date or the time it took for the update to be released), "Beta" (with the latest version number it supports), "Rumored," or "No Information." When a US variant of the phone officially receives Android 11 after the update is released, its name will be bold.

As with our previous list, we'll focus solely on smartphones officially released in the US. We exempted international version releases in the US such as the Pocophone F1 as well.

Aside from US availability, if you don't see your phone on this list, it's because there is no information indicating it will get Android 11. It could still get the update, so check periodically for updates.


ASUS doesn't have a global policy when it comes to software updates. Instead, they determine the upgrade plan on a per-phone basis. The ZenFone 6 is currently recruiting for its Android 11 beta program. Since most OEMs follow the two major software update policy, expect more phones to also get the update as well.


As with most major updates, Google devices get Android 11 first. But this update is different. This is the first time the entire Pixel lineup will not get the latest software update, now that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL have reached the end of promised software support. But the rest of the smartphone lineup already has Android 11 by the time you're reading this.


After much backlash from the internet, Motorola increased its software policy for the Edge Plus+ (its latest flagship) from one year to two. However, that increase doesn't seem to be a new policy for all its phones, as the less powerful Motorola Edge is limited to one update.


As a member of the Android One program, Nokia promises two software updates to all its devices. So unlike other manufacturers that often ignore their midrange and entry-level phones, with a Nokia phone, you can be sure you will get the latest Android update (just a few months after everyone else).


OnePlus has laid out a policy similar to Android One, which promises two years of software updates and three years of security patches for all of its phones. That means every phone starting with the OnePlus 6T should get Android 11 — but for now, only the 8 and 8 Pro have been confirmed.


Although Samsung didn't participate in the Android 11 beta program, we do know of a number of smartphones that are eligible for One UI 3.0 based on Samsung's policy, which recently increased to three major OS updates.


According to Xperiablog, Sony supports all flagships devices up to two years after launch. However, midrange and entry level phones are handled on a per device basis, depending on if the upgrade meets their rigorous testing standard. We expect only a handful of Sony phones will receive the Android 11 update.


After years of manufacturing phones for BlackBerry and Palm, and releasing their own under the Alcatel name, TCL has finally decided to slap its name of their smartphones. And at least for the TCL 10 Pro and 10L, the OEM promises the Android 11 update.

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