News: 5 Things You'll Hate About Android 10

5 Things You'll Hate About Android 10

New updates are always exciting, even more so when Google's behind the wheel. Yes, Android 10 "Q" is here, at least in beta form, ready for software testers to dive in and explore all the new changes. Among those changes, however, lie some issues. We won't sugarcoat it — there are some annoying things baked into Android 10.

If you're rocking any smartphone other than a Pixel, one of these annoying things is probably "I don't have the beta yet." We feel your pain. This list, however, is more about what's wrong with Q as a whole, and issues you'll run into when your Galaxy, OnePlus, or other Android device receives the update later this year.

1. Screenshots Suck Now

Take a screenshot on a phone running Android 10, and you'll notice something odd. Screenshots are now masked with a frame that matches your phone's screen, and they look terrible.

Whether you hate the notch or not, you have to admit this is ridiculous.

From the gaping notch in the top-middle of your image (on phones that have notches) to the awkward black spots in each corner (on phones with rounded screens), screenshots on Android 10 look simply sloppy. Sure, when your navigation bar is black, you're spared from seeing the rounded corners on the bottom of the display. But that sure doesn't fix the top of the screenshot.

If you're rocking a phone with a traditional rectangular screen and no notch or display cutout, you won't notice this issue. The "feature" just makes your screenshots look like your screen, so your screenshots will still come out as they always have. But for those of us with irregular displays? Yikes.

2. Clipboard Managers Are DOA

If you use a clipboard manager on your phone, Android 10 is really going to ruin your workflow. The new update effectively kills clipboard managers, so you can kiss your days of stringing together copied items goodbye.

That said, there's a legitimate reason for Google to do this. No, it's not to punish clipboard managers. Android 10's overall theme is user privacy. One of the ways Google is improving privacy is by blocking apps' access to your clipboard and keyboard in the background. While good apps are obviously hurt by this change, malicious actors can no longer take a peek at these items.

As with all things privacy and security, new measures are a give and take. Hopefully, Google puts forth a solution that lets clipboard managers live on without sacrificing the steps the company has taken in this area, but don't hold your breath.

3. Android Beam Is Gone

Do you ever send files device-to-device via Android Beam? You won't be with Android 10. Google has killed the NFC file sharing tool with this latest update, leaving users to grudgingly find a third-party app to do the job.

From here on out, it will be up to developers to enable NFC communications for their apps. Don't be surprised if there's a short "transitional period" with this issue.

4. You Might Accidentally Call 911 a Lot

If you're in desperate need of assistance, Android Q has your back. If, on the other hand, you just need to turn your phone off, you might end up in some trouble.

Google added a new "Emergency" button to the power menu — found when long-pressing the power button — and it's very easy to accidentally tap. As with any touch-sensitive button, all it takes it a slip of the finger, or just an accidental palm touch, and you could be in a world of hurt.

Well, that's if you're really unlucky. The Emergency button launches the emergency phone access, which allows you to dial emergency services at any time. Just tapping "Emergency" won't summon the police to your location, but a few extra taps on top of that might ...

5. Permission Dialogs Look a Lot More iOS-Like Now

This one might not be that big of a deal to you, but we know it is to some on the internet. Google changed the permission dialog boxes for Android 10, and the new style hasn't sat well with everyone. One user went so far as to compare the look unfavorably to Apple. Ouch:

That permissions dialog looks straight out of iOS. Ew.

What do you think? Has Google stranded too far from the core Android design? Or are people on the internet making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Of course, it's not all bad. On the contrary — Android 10 looks to be a fun update over last year's release. While Q is a more modest update, it still comes packed with great, new features. Are they enough to overshadow the aforementioned flaws? We think yes.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks, unless otherwise noted

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You actually wrote an article complaining about a beta build that is months away from final release. LMAO.

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