News: The 5 Best Apps for Scanning Text & Documents on Android

The 5 Best Apps for Scanning Text & Documents on Android

Scanners are much too cumbersome to fit in a pocket, but with the use of just one application, you can replace all that bulky hardware with your Android smartphone and take it with you wherever you go. All you need to do is find the scanning app that fulfills your needs. Here are our five favorites that are good for business pros and average joes alike.

1. Microsoft Office Lens

The most notable feature of Microsoft Office Lens is its ability to scan your document from various angles and perfectly crop it once it's done; if you need to make adjustments, you can crop it yourself afterwards. It's simple and it gets the job done well. More info here.


  • Simple interface
  • Smart scanning
  • Smart cropping
  • Easy to use


  • No annotations
  • Limited filters and color correction

2. Evernote

The scanning feature in Evernote offers a great formatting tool with the ability to add on to scans and tweak the image with useful filters. Additionally, you can also annotate scans by using the Evernote Skitch companion app.


  • Formatting tools
  • Annotations (with Skitch app)
  • Keyword searches through scanned documents


  • Can be confusing at first if new to Evernote
  • Need of additional app for annotations

3. CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator

After scanning an item, CamScanner provides plenty of filters to make your document more detailed or defined, and if none satisfy you, you can adjust the image yourself. Additionally, in conjunction with the companion InNote app, you can annotate your scan or include a watermark.


  • Cloud backup
  • Plenty of filters
  • Post-scan tools
  • Annotations
  • Batch scanning


  • Annotations require additional app
  • Does not crop image for you

4. Genius Scan - PDF Scanner

The first thing you'll notice about Genius Scan is its Material Design interface. While all this app does is scan, the cropping function is much easier to use than its competition.


  • Material Design elements
  • Easy cropping
  • Straight-forward scanning function


  • Lacks additional features

5. Scanbot - PDF Document Scanner

The great thing about Scanbot is that you can unlock all the paid features by simply enabling ads, and the "smart scanner" walks you through the process so you can ensure a good clean document.


  • Tons of free features
  • Cropping made easy
  • Smart scanning
  • Annotations
  • Reminder function
  • Signature feature
  • Wonderlist and Evernote integration


  • No marking feature

Final Thoughts

All these applications can perform basic scans with your camera, so it all depends on what you're looking for in terms of extra features. If you need something simple, then Genius Scan is a great option, but if you want to mark up a document and make annotations, you'd probably want to look into Scanbot or CamScanner.

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Just a note on CamScanne: I've been using it for some time, and it's great. Note, however, that the app DOES automatically crop images, unlike how it's reported here.

Maybe it was just my experience that it didn't crop it as well as the others, or maybe as well as I would have liked. It's more nitpicking than anything. Glad we included your favorite in the guide, though.

I use smart document scanner, and is better than most of this options. You should try this.

Ive used all of these. Google drive scanning is the best just for convenience of storing docs in the same place but I had recently obtained the best document scanning app free from amazon underground. I now use mobile doc scanner for all my mobile scanning. Unlike drive, the scan ends up being kbs not MBs in size and unlike the other apps named here, it has all the pdf features from filters to annotations to rearranging, copy, paste, signatures, and more. Input from camera, batch scanning, pdf input and pdf, jpeg, etc outputs. It is the best app for scanning. I'm surprised the editors don't know about it. Now you do. P.s. I'm not affiliated with the app., just glad I found an all in one pdf scanning annotating and editing app that was free.

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