How To: Your Galaxy Has a Hidden Document Scanner Built in — Here's How It Works

Your Galaxy Has a Hidden Document Scanner Built in — Here's How It Works

Android's de facto document scanner is Google Drive, but it's far from the most intuitive method. With One UI 2, your Samsung Galaxy device now has a document scanner built-in, with the ability to automatically detect documents like letters, business cards, and notes that you can scan with just a tap.

To try it out, just open your Camera app and point the phone at a document. As you do, the scanner will highlight the document's borders with a yellow rectangle, along with a "Scan" button on the center. Hit "Scan" when you're ready, and the document will be stored in your Galaxy's Gallery for you to save or share.

This feature is enabled by default once you get the One UI 2 update (aka, Android 10). But if you want to double check, head to the Camera app's settings, choose "Scene optimizer," then make sure "Document scan" is turned on.

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Cover image, screenshot, and GIF by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks


Document scanning already existed in the current version of Samsung one UI 1.0 on my note 10+ and my friends s10 and it was already on my default so this article was unnecessary

Where is and how to enable document scanner in Samsung m30s

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