How To: What to Do if Google Maps Won't Stop Asking You to Calibrate Your Compass

What to Do if Google Maps Won't Stop Asking You to Calibrate Your Compass

A lot of users with newer Android devices, particularly the Nexus 6P, have been complaining about issues with their device's compass. I've experienced the issue a few times myself—when you open Google Maps and try to get directions somewhere, you're prompted to calibrate your compass before you can proceed.

But the problem here is that the little animation on this prompt (seen here) is telling users to perform the wrong calibration gesture. As a result, you end up seeing that same "Calibrate your compass" message the next time you use Google Maps—so below, I'll show you the right way to fix this issue once and for all.

Use the Figure-8 Pattern

The solution here is really simple—start by opening your Google Maps app, and don't even bother touching any buttons or heading to any menus. Instead, just hold your phone out in front of you at arm's length, then move it around in a figure-8 pattern. Try to twist your wrist a little as you change directions, and if you'd like a better example, just watch the video above.

Once you've done that, your phone will have collected all of the data it needs to properly calibrate your compass, so you shouldn't have any issues with Google Maps from now on.

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Nice tip, thanks. Hopefully Google Maps will stop complaining to me about that now.

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