How To: View Your Google Fit Workout Activity from Your Home Screen

View Your Google Fit Workout Activity from Your Home Screen

One of the great things about Google Fit is how it gives you a central hub for all the fitness-related data in both your personal life and workouts. You can track the steps you take, log your heart rate measurements, or even record your sleeping habits. The easier it is to access this data, the more useful Google Fit becomes.

Android's widget system pulls relevant information out of your apps and displays it on your home screen. Google Fit provides multiple widgets to view your stats and other fitness info at a glance without actually needing to open the Fit app.

To get started, long-press a blank space on your home screen and look for a "Widgets" option in the menu that appears. The exact process will vary depending on your home screen app, but they should all have an add widget function in a pretty similar location. Once you get to the main widgets page, scroll down and look for the "Fit" entry.

Now you'll see the three widgets for activity goals, multiple stats, and a single stat. If you pick the single stat widget, you'll be able to select precisely which one you want to keep track of. From there, long-press any of them to drag and drop to any of your home screens. Finished! Now you can view your fitness data instantly without opening the Google Fit app.

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