How To: View the Most Recent Stories on Facebook to Stay in the Know

View the Most Recent Stories on Facebook to Stay in the Know

Facebook is where a lot of people get their news. The problem, though? Your Facebook feed gets jumbled with random post times, which isn't useful for keeping up with new stories in real-time.

Even if you're not after the news or stories, you might want to see when your Facebook friends post something right away. By using the "Most Recent" option when viewing your feed, you can catch the posts directly after they were sent out.

Viewing Most Recent Stories

Viewing your feed by the most recent posts is easy to do, but might be easily overlooked if you never open your options menu. I've seen people who only use Facebook to scroll through their feed and touch nothing else in the app.

To get started, open your Facebook feed like usual to the main screen, then tap the hamburger menu icon on the right and hit "Most Recent." Seriously, that's it.

Your Facebook feed will now reorganize itself to show you the most recent posts rather than a jumbled mess of random assorted posts. Once you do this, you might even start seeing posts that are labeled as "Just now," which signifies you are one of the first people to have viewed the content. Nice! If you swipe down on the screen anywhere, you can also refresh the page whenever you want, too.

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