How To: Use Two Different Instagram Accounts at the Same Time on Your Android Device

Use Two Different Instagram Accounts at the Same Time on Your Android Device

While you may suck at Instagram, it's likely that you manage multiple Instagram accounts, whether strictly for personal use or for managing blog and business pages.

Unfortunately, unlike Twitter and a few other social-oriented apps, Instagram does not have a native feature that allows the running of multiple accounts. But today, I'm going to show you how to easily get around that on your Android device, just like we could with saving Instagram images and uploading them without cropping.

UPDATE: Instagram now has this feature baked into its official apps. Learn the official way to add more accounts and switch between them. The guide below is not necessary anymore but will remain up for historical reference.

Android dev Me-Nex S took it upon himself to design a way to workaround the single account restriction. Cloned from the latest official version of Instagram, Instwogram (ha, get it?) allows you to log in to two different accounts on the same device.

Make sure you have "Unknown sources" enabled in your Security settings, then download Instwogram (for updated versions, check out the original thread on XDA) directly onto your device. I'll be showcasing this on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but this will work the same on virtually all Android phones and tablets.

Once you install the app, it'll create an alternate version of Instagram.

Sign in as you normally would, and once you're logged in, you'll be able to post pictures/videos, like/comment on pictures, follow people and everything else you're accustomed to doing. Instwogram is based on the latest version of Instagram, so it will look identical to the official version.

Below you can see the two app icons next to each other, as well as two different Instagram accounts open at the same time using the Pen Window feature on the Note 3 (just to show you guys).

Now, anytime you want to use another Instagram account that isn't your main one, just log in to Instwogram without having to log out of Instagram.

For other Instagram fun, check out our guides on saving Instagram images without rooting, hacking a self-timer into Instagram for better selfies, and of course, taking better selfies (with a front-facing flash).

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I cannot find the app in the play store ...

I cannot install the app. Enabled security settings for the unknown sources and rebooted my device (Galaxy S3), and still the message says, "the app cannot be installed". Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Try web-based service that allows you manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. Post photo and video from any browser, make schedule posts and delete them. Invite friends to maintain account together

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