How To: Use Samsung's Hidden Video Editor on Any Galaxy Device

Use Samsung's Hidden Video Editor on Any Galaxy Device

Editing a video by trimming or adding audio is fairly simple on Galaxy devices, but if you want to include other clips or transition animations and really get those creative juices flowing, you might find the standard editing tools limited—unless you know how to unlock Samsung's hidden video editor.

Allowing you to split and splice video, as well as add text overlays, music, and narration, this tool from Samsung is something you'll want to have on your Galaxy device for sure.

How to Unlock the Galaxy Video Editor

Unlocking Samsung's Video Editor is a very simple process. Just open a video, select Editor, then tap Video Editor. Once you do, you'll be prompted to install Video Editor from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

It may take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the new tools and layout, but once you do, the editor should help you step up your game and create some awesome videos.

Adding Effects to a Clip

To add effects to a clip, just tap on the individual clip and hit Effects. You can then scroll down through the various filters available to you.

Adding Text to a Clip

You can also tap the Text option to choose a text format and place it within your video in any number of ways.

Adjusting Audio Levels

If you need to adjust the audio of a clip, simply tap Volume and use the slider to increase or decrease the volume of your video.

Adding Transitions

When it comes to transitions, they will pop up as soon as you start splitting or importing new video. Tap on the grey square between two clips and all the transition animation options will come up.

Adding New Clips, Images, & Music

Using the Add option will grant you the ability to import new clips or images. You can even add stock background music, music from your files, or you can record narration over your video.

Saving Your Edited Video

When the time comes to save your video, tap Save, but if you want to have it available in your Gallery app in the Videos album, tap More, then Export.

If you end up giving the editor a try, upload the clip to YouTube and share it with us in the comment section below.

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Note5 video editoe does not recognize the video format I used which is the standard Galaxy Note5 video

where the video file is saved? i can't see it in my gallery...

Made this simple edit with it.

Anyone else have trouble finding out where to put music files so that the Video Editor recognizes them?

What a crap application! I've tried exporting a video clip and have no idea where it went....apparently nobody else that uses this crap app does either...what a waste of space and time...WTF about letting people know what the heck happened to their edits!!!!

It's such a hidden app, it actually hides your edits from you ever finding them

How to clip out an internal part of the video?

Dude, that was hysterical. Love the 80's music. Is there any way to get a better sound quality by using an app like syncslate. What I am trying to do is line up audio with video separately. I downloaded an app the other day but could not use it because it was so complicated. Any help would be appreciated. Nice website btw. Can you do fade ins with this video editor? Is there one that does?

Samsung you chimps....
If the video is longer thzn 20 mins..
it seems that the video...wont save after export
Yes i have 20 Gb Free space...b4 u ask.
I l00k in Dcim Video editor no save..
I tried witt adding music and not not adding music..makes zero difference.
Its the length of the video..

NEXT ISSUE....after exporting A SMALL VIDEO...IE under 20 mins....THE BLOODY THING MESSES UP THE ASPECT RATIO. with out the user making this change!!!

The FIX IS....shoot your video in LANDSCAPE....then after..
Convert your video and SELECT TURN clockwise or anti..dependson your shoot ..

I AM AN EXPERT recoding and recording agent...
Rubbish app what a let down Samsung...
Usually yall Excell at your projects...

May i suggest you contact people like us to ROAD TEST and troubble Shoot your proposed Apps PRIOR TO RELEASE!!
OMGSPOT...Rubbish App..

I redownloaded the application today to make a video edit. It now stays at 0% on export. What good is that?

I don't like this editor. Changes the size of the pic overall to LESS than half the size it was initially.

Still on the prowl for a decent video editor. I just need smthn that'll cut the legnth of the video. (Pertaining to time)

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