How To: Use This Modded YouTube App to Download Videos & Enable Background Playback — No Root Needed

Use This Modded YouTube App to Download Videos & Enable Background Playback — No Root Needed

Recent launches of YouTube TV and YouTube Go created a bit of excitement on the web. Though the latter allows downloading, it doesn't allow background playback, as that would require a YouTube Red subscription for $10 a month. However, there's still a way to get both of these features without paying a dime.

OGYouTube from developer Osama Ghareeb is a slick app that can be sideloaded without root access and offers both the ability to download videos and play music in the background. Its interface looks just like the official app, so you won't be missing out on any existing functionality like Chromecast support. Instead, you'll simply be adding two awesome features to your YouTube experience.


Step 1: Disable the Stock YouTube App

The official YouTube app doesn't play nice with OGYouTube, so you'll need to disable your stock YouTube app before installing the modded version. To do that, go to your phone's main Settings menu and tap the "Apps" link. Scroll down and select YouTube, then tap the "Disable" button and confirm your choice to shut it down.

Step 2: Install microG

In order to run the OGYouTube application, you'll first need to install a modded version of the Google Services framework called microG. So tap the following link from your Android device, then download the MicroG APK. When that's finished, tap the Download complete notification, then press "Install" when prompted.

Step 3: Install OGYouTube

At this point, you're all set to install the OGYouTube app. Just like with microG, tap the following link, then download the OGYouTube APK. Finally, tap the Download complete notification, then press "Install" when prompted.

Step 4: Download YouTube Videos

Once you've got OGYouTube installed, you're all set to try it out. The interface is almost identical to the stock YouTube app, but with one minor exception: You'll see two buttons underneath every video's description.

To download a video for offline playback, start by tapping the "Download" button. The first time you do this, you'll be prompted to grant some additional permissions, so tap "OK" on the popup.

From here, enable the switch next to "Permit drawing over other apps," then press your back button. Next, you'll be prompted to grant a pair of additional permissions, so tap "Allow" on each of the popups. When you're done there, you'll be able to download YouTube videos freely.

Step 5: Play Videos in the Background

OGYouTube also offers the ability to play videos in the background, and it's just as intuitive as downloading. To try it out, simply press the "Background" button beneath any video's description, then the app will minimize and the audio will keep on playing in the background. You'll get a notification that lets you pause or stop background playback, so it's a great way to use YouTube as a music player.

As a music lover, I implore everyone to support their favorite artists by using music services that give them proper revenue. With that said, this app offers awesome features to obtain media and play music in the background while you browse Facebook or swipe away on Tinder, so I can't complain about that! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Cover image and screenshots by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks


Thank you very much, you really rockzzz...


I installed as instructed but download videos with OGYouTube gives the error invalid parameters.

How to fix it?

Best regards,


ok, issue solved by installing the update.

thanks for the quick response.

also getting invalid perameter error in new version 4.2 ogyoutube

w8ing 4 kind reply.

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