How To: Type in a Foreign Language with This Hidden Gboard Feature

Type in a Foreign Language with This Hidden Gboard Feature

There are plenty of apps that can translate text on websites and even in the real world. But when you need to write a message in a language you don't speak, it's your keyboard that will come in handy the most.

Google Translate is integrated into Gboard, allowing you to translate as you type. But it's tucked away by default on Android, so here's where to find it.

Tap a text field to bring up Gboard, then select the three dots in the menu bar above the keyboard. Choose "Translate" and accept the permission. To make things easier in the future, you can long-press Translate and drag it to the menu bar so it is always visible above the keyboard.

Select the languages in the toolbar that appears up top, then just start typing. Your writing will be translated in real time, so it will appear in the destination text box in the language you've chosen without you having to do anything else.

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Cover image, screenshot, and GIF by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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