How To: Theme Instagram with Any Color You Want on Android

Theme Instagram with Any Color You Want on Android

There aren't many complaints I can think of when it comes to the Instagram interface, and finding one would just be nitpicking. But like with most things in life, if given the opportunity, why not take advantage? "When in Rome," as they say.

So when developer Daniel Osinski released his Xposed module that allows users to change Instagram's theme color to any color they want, I figured I may as well try it out and show you all how to do it, too.

Step 1: Prep Your Device

In order to get Instagram sporting your favorite color, you'll need to be rooted with the Xposed Framework installed, as well as have installation of apps from "Unknown sources" enabled. (If you're running Android's latest operating system, see how to install the Xposed Framework on Lollipop.)

Step 2: Install Instagram Themer

Enter the Xposed Installer app to search for and install Instagram Themer. Once installed, make sure to properly activate the mod.

Step 3: Choose Your Color

Unfortunately, this mod is still looking towards improvement with some requested updates, so in order to apply a new color, you'll be required to enter the its hex code. You can easily find these color codes on websites like, or using an app like Color Picker.

Step 4: Apply the Theme

After you've settled on a color and copied the hex code, open Instagram Themer, enter the code in the appropriate field, and tap "Apply."

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Color

Once applied, all there is to do is open Instagram and enjoy. The color will be applied to various elements of the UI that you may not have otherwise noticed.

Unlike modded versions of the Instagram app, this mod will function with future updates to the app.

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So does this work on the latest updates of Instagram (ie in 2019)

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