How To: Sync & Dismiss Notifications Across All Your Android Devices & Computers

Sync & Dismiss Notifications Across All Your Android Devices & Computers

We're not always near our phone, so Pushbullet made it easy to get your phone's notifications straight to your computer, like calls and text messages. But with their latest update, you can also sync alerts with other Android devices using their new cross-device mirroring feature.

Download Pushbullet on your other phone or tablet, then enable Beta: Sync my notifications with my other Android devices too, which can be found under the application's settings. This feature must be enabled on all devices in order to properly work.

I have a computer, phone, and tablet, so being able to sync my notifications across all platforms will ensure that I'm always on top of things. Even better, dismissing a notification on one device will clear it on all of them, and my OCD thanks the Pushbullet developers for that.

If this is your first go-around with the app, check out our guide on setting it up, and never miss a notification again.

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I recently poll got ab elepisis tablet and already have an established galaxy s5 phone and would like to sync my phone and tablet without having to manually install apps, etc.

The beta option is not available on my version and i JUST downloaded it specifically for this...

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