How To: Swap Android's Boot Animation for Google's 'Evolved' Logo

Swap Android's Boot Animation for Google's 'Evolved' Logo

On September 1st, 2015, Google made headlines by introducing their new logo. It may not seem like huge news to some, but as I write this, there have been 2,167,914,729 searches on Google so far today. So there's a large amount of people who see their logo when browsing the Web.

As the new design gradually makes its way into all of Google's applications, get some continuity on your device by applying the "Google, evolved" animation as your Android's boot animation.

The animation was created by developer Derek Ross, and it looks pretty damn clean on my device. Get it on yours by downloading one of the two files below, depending on your method of installation. Note that both methods require that your device is rooted.

Option #1

For the more advanced user, or anyone looking to flash the animation in their custom recovery, a flashable ZIP is linked out below. Just enter your custom recovery and flash the file.

Option #2

If you don't have a custom recovery or would rather apply the animation using a file explorer, then take a look at our guide on how to apply Android Marshmallow's boot animation, substituting the Marshmallow animation file with the one below.

Note that if you ever want to revert to your original boot animation, you should use Option #2, as it will allow you to easily back up your original animation file.

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Very cool idea. i will definitly try it

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